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Natural Awakenings Tampa Florida

Increase your Energy and Feelings of Connectedness with Breathwalk

Psycho Gong Yoga is adding Breathwalk to their schedule beginning in March, to be held from 9 to 10 a.m., on Monday mornings. The four main benefits from Breathwalk are increased energy level, mood control, refined mental quality and feelings of connectedness. When you have these four things, you can become more vital, more emotionally and mentally flexible and more balanced under pressure. Breathwalk is a simple program wherein anyone who can walk can follow. It combines walking, breathing, Kundalini yoga postures and meditation.

Each Breathwalk class will have five parts. The first part is a warm-up done in the studio. Next is the conscious alignment of body and mind in order to walk with good posture and focus. There will then be a walk for about 25 minutes. Psycho Gong Yoga is on the Pinellas Trail so the walk will be on the trail. While walking, breathing will be in specified patterns and in specified intervals. Upon return to the studio, there will be a cool down and stretch to integrate those senses and feelings created into the body.

Location: 11561 Walsingham Rd., Ste. C, Largo. For more information, call 727-914-4900 and/or visit