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BodyManual Offers State-of-the-Art Supplements

The BodyManual supplement line was borne out of the discovery that most of the supplements available to consumers do not contain what they say they do. Far too many online and retail supplements are designed around marketing (profit) first, with little if any consideration as to the bio-availability and impact they truly have on the body.

Dr. Eric Huntington, founder of BodyManual, addresses this issue by sparing no expense in producing superior products using top tier ingredients, ensuring bioavailability and superior product performance. The BodyManual product line consists of supplements shown, through research, to be the ideal in assisting the body’s own innate abilities to heal and grow, support health, longevity, the immune system, mental acuity and memory, as well as the digestive system.

Chiropractor of the year in Maryland, in 2005, Dr. Huntington has delivered continuing education seminars for chiropractors and medical physicians and lectured to thousands of doctors nationwide on nutrition.

To learn more about your body, view Dr. Huntington’s cutting-edge informational videos on Body Manual’s YouTube channel, Facebook and/or Instagram.

Location: 601 Cleveland St., Ste. 390, Clearwater. For more information, call 727-441-3222 or visit the interactive website