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Natural Awakenings Tampa Florida

Letter from Publisher

Debbey Wilson publisher of Natural Awakenings Tampa

Debbey Wilson

March 2020 Natural Awakenings Tampa Bay is here with special emphasis on growing plant-based activism and ways to improve health and wellness through the food and products we consume.

Among many proactive health movements today, many are reevaluating dietary habits; cutting back on meat, dairy and eggs; and increasing consumption of plant-based foods. Writer Marlaina Donato examines ways plant-dominant diets enhance the performance and stamina of high performing athletes in “Vegan Fitness: A Healthy Choice for Body and Planet” (page 32). It is clear: eating lower on the food chain can benefit body, soul and the environment.

Another hot topic lately is the use and availability of CBD oil derived from the hemp plant. Read Julie Peterson’s article, “Hemp Gets Hot: Meet the Hardest Working Plant on the Planet” (page 36) for insight on the subject. In “CBD’s New Frontier: Help for Mental Health” (page 38), writer Julie Marshall reports on hemp’s growing acceptance as a no-buzz cousin to marijuana is fueling high hopes in a number of key arenas.

On another note, this is a call to local Tampa Bay Area artists to submit their suitable art for consideration to become cover art, published on the front cover of Natural Awakenings. For more information, including a list of monthly themes, submission terms and format requirements, go to There are so many talented, creative people in our beautiful gulf coast community and this is a way to shine a spotlight and share that excellence with the community-at-large.

Lastly, remember to set your clocks on March 8 as we spring forward to welcome Daylight Savings Time!

As always, with an open mind and heart, read on.