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Stretch Rx Owner Develops Alternative to Chemical Pain Relief

It is common for people to suffer from aches and pains. This is what prompted Ronda Musca to open Stretch Rx, a wellness center in Palm Harbor that offers therapeutic stretching, exercise, massage therapy, reflexology and ionic foot baths.
What she didn’t anticipate was the lack of effective, natural pain relief products for her clients. To that end and after testing the numerous products available on the market, Musca found that no single one delivered the results her clients’ needed. The next logical step forward was to create a product specifically designed to address the needs of Stretch Rx’s clients while still upholding the rigorous standards on which the company was founded.

After months of formulation and field-testing, the Joint Jam® line of CBD products was born. Their flagship product, Joint Jam®, contains 500mg of CBD, healing arnica, cooling menthol, organic essential oils and pure carrier oils to nourish the skin. The staff knew that their formula was excellent for pain relief, however, they were amazed at the unforeseen benefits that were reported while field testing it. One client applied the salve to chronic body sores. A few days later, there was a noticeable reduction in pain, redness and inflammation. A few weeks later, the sores began to heal. Other clients experienced a marked reduction in chronic eczema that was previously unresponsive to prescription medications.

The menthol in Joint Jam® is a key ingredient in relieving joint and muscle soreness, but the staff identified a need for a salve containing all the healing properties of Joint Jam® but without the menthol, to be used for the face and other sensitive areas. In response to this, Joint Jam® launched their next product, Spa Jam® CBD recovery salve and the list of reported benefits grows.

The success of Joint Jam® CBD salve and Spa Jam® CBD recovery salve prompted Musca to further create two additional products designed to relax and heal. Salt Buzz® salt soak combines the restoring properties of Epsom salts with the benefits of CBD. Bubble Buzz® bubble bath gives one the opportunity to relax and unwind in a luxurious CBD infused bubble bath. The staff favorite bubble bath recipe is one small scoop of Salt Buzz® salt soak and a capful of Bubble Buzz® bubble bath. Epsom and CBD provide relief for sore muscles and bubbles carry away the stress of the day.

Some people are concerned that CBD will produce a high similar to marijuana. Rest assured, Joint Jam® products will not have this effect. All products are produced from the hemp plant and contain less than .3 percent THC as mandated by Florida law.

For those looking for great hostess or bridal gifts, Joint Jam® products are an excellent choice. Bubble Buzz®, Salt Buzz® and Joint Jam® are great gifts on the go.

If you are interested in purchasing Joint Jam® products, visit or call 727-386-5987. Visit them on Facebook at or Instagram at