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Now is the Time to Go Solar

A 100 percent renewable energy source, home solar power systems earn a 30 percent tax credit for homeowners by the IRS when installed this year. Older home solar systems required large, expensive battery banks. Now, with the ability to net-meter, all excess energy generated by the solar panels flows backwards through the power meter to the energy grid. The power company acts as the battery bank. During the day, the solar system generates the electricity needed for normal consumption; in the evening, the homeowner uses the power stored in the grid.

Major savings come from the solar system costing much less monthly than traditional sources of electricity. An average solar system (7-9kW) will save the homeowner anywhere from $40,000 to well over $60,000 over a 20-year period. More importantly, the ROI is immediate. The money you would be paying to the electric company is now funding your system.

No money out-of-pocket is needed to change over to renewable energy. Once a solar system is installed, simply turn it on and it will start producing your electricity all day, every day.

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