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Hormone Pelleting Therapy Implantable ~ Time Released Bio-Identical Hormones

Sep 13, 2021 07:43PM ● By E. Les Cole, MD
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What is Pelleting Therapy? Hormone Pelleting has been around for some time and many patients love its simplicity. These are bio-identical hormones that are identical to the ones your own body produced before you experienced menopause or andropause. They are not drugs or pharmaceuticals but rather herbal extracts—derived from yams!
Why is BHRT important? The importance of bio-identical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) is that it not only eliminates symptoms of menopause and andropause, it helps to slow aging and many disease processes while also decreasing risk of death.
How does it do that? Your genes do one thing—they carry the code to make your proteins. They are your architects in that they have the plans for how your body works. Your proteins—made from your genes—get all the work of your cells, tissues, organs and body done. They are your contractors. Sex hormones are anabolic—they support protein. Testosterone is the most anabolic. As we age, our anabolic hormones decrease and our catabolic hormones—the ones that break down proteins—tend to increase. So, during menopause and andropause, you are no longer supporting your contractors. The use of BHRT improves your contractors and has a profound anti-aging effect. The research on this is clear.
At St. Petersburg Health & Wellness, we use BHRT pellets for both men and women. Your individual dose is calculated based on your symptoms, hormone levels and your anabolic/catabolic balance. This hormonal balancing both relieves your symptoms and improves your health and additionally and beneficially has significant anti-aging effects. Estrogen has over 400 beneficial effects and testosterone has been shown to reduce death compared to those with lower levels of same.

Who should have BHRT pelleting? If you have any symptoms associated with menopause or andropause, if your hormone levels are imbalanced and/or your anabolic/catabolic balance is shifted toward catabolism, you are a candidate. If you are 35 or older—even if you have not yet reached menopause but may be experiencing unexplained depression, anxiety or fatigue, hot flashes, weight gain or bone loss—you might be a candidate.

To learn more and for an appointment, call 727-202-6807. St. Petersburg Health & Wellness is located at 2100 Dr. MLK Jr. St. North, St. Petersburg.