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Intravenous Glutathione and How It Benefits You

Jun 30, 2021 04:18PM ● By Les Cole, MD
Male patient looking at nurse while recieving intravenous treatment

What is glutathione? You make glutathione throughout your body and it’s a powerful detoxifier, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. Why is this important for you? Because toxins damage your brain, your body and your skin by damaging and interfering with the function of your proteins—the biochemical mini-machines that get everything done in your cells that needs to get done. Every time one of your proteins is damaged, you get a little “sicker” and “older” because something that needs to be done to keep you healthy is not going to happen as it should.
For example, collagen is an important structural protein. The job it does is to hold your tissues together. That’s why it’s called connective tissue. When it’s healthy, it’s thick and elastic. When damaged by toxins, it’s thin and brittle. So, toxins make your skin thin, wrinkled, dry—easier to tear and less attractive. In addition, thin and brittle ligaments, tendons and bone (all collagen tissue) make you more prone to joint and muscle injuries, arthritis and osteoporosis. And those are just examples of toxin damage to one protein—collagen. Your body is composed of millions of different tiny protein mini-machines, doing different, critically important jobs that toxins damage with equal or worse decrease in your health and increase in aging.
What is a toxin? Anything that damages or interferes with the job of your protein machines. Our genes (the carrier of the codes for our protein machines) developed in an environment that was relatively toxin-free. But just within the last 200 years, we have billions of new manmade chemicals and in-ground toxins with which to contend.
The good news is that your body has the ability to produce this powerful detoxifying antioxidant and anti-inflammatory that contends with these increasing toxic demands, and evidence shows that by increasing your glutathione levels, you get greater protection. Glutathione is not well absorbed when you take it orally, though liposomal products help. The absolute best way to increase your levels is with glutathione IVs. Women, generally consumption leaders in effective healthcare, are flocking to glutathione IVs for improved health but also the profound improvements in collagen, skin and appearance—improving skin thickness, water loss, wrinkles and fine lines, pigment spots, elasticity— all findings bolstered by scientific research.
Intravenously increasing your glutathione levels also improves insulin sensitivity in diabetes and heart function in heart disease as well as improvements in alcoholism, asthma, lung disease, cancer, hepatitis, liver disease, immunosuppression, chronic fatigue syndrome, memory loss, Alzheimer’s disease, osteoarthritis, Parkinson’s disease, and detoxification for heavy metals, organic, mold, chemotherapy and all toxins. And obviously, with every one of your protein micro-machines you protect from toxic, oxidative and inflammatory damage, the more effective you are at increasing your Health-Span, Life-Span and Quality of Life (Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness).
Franchise IV centers cannot modify your glutathione dose. They often give lowest doses at highest prices. At Vital Solutions IV Nutrition and St. Petersburg Health & Wellness, our doctors and nurse practitioners can optimize your dose for you. Call now to book your appointment or ask any questions you might have.
For more information and to book an appointment, call Vital Solutions IV Therapy/St. Petersburg Health & Wellness at 727-202-6807.