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Natural Awakenings Tampa Florida

Intuitive Healing Sessions Being Offered

Through yoga and intuitive healing, Ronni Ford has helped individuals understand and alleviate issues holding them back from living a more vibrant, purposeful and often pain-free life. A yoga instructor for the past 22 years, Ford’s holistic approach is toward flexibility and strength.

 In a personal Intuitive Crystal Healing session, Ford, guided by the client’s body, detects and alleviates or "opens space" for necessary healing. Lessons of this lifetime are brought to the surface to continue to move forward. Crystals are placed on the body for a vibrational shift where needed as well as a few select essential oils to invoke an energetic shift.

 Ford is a huge proponent of self-healing. She cured her childhood asthma at the age of 12 through breathing, nutritional changes and practices including yoga, self-awareness and self-applied techniques of energy healing. Her knowledge of healing and how the body "works" comes from her earlier registered nursing days and years later from renowned yoga and energy healers at Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, New York. She also spent 17 years in the Caribbean sharing her gifts of yoga and healing, most recently working closely with those experiencing PTSD after Hurricane Irma. She now lives and maintains a private practice in Dunedin.

 For more information and appointments, call 340-626-9642 or email [email protected].