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Natural Awakenings Tampa Florida

Come ‘n’ Get Your Herbs at the Health Hut

At the Health Hut, in Wesley Chapel, the Earth comes first in everything they do, thus why they leave their seven-acre herb farm wild and untamed. They allow the plants to grow as they want—especially the precious Florida natives. They don’t believe their plants need any additional tending beyond love, attention and the organic diet they receive, made naturally from the leaves that drop from the tall trees and the organic matter left by the resident chickens and goats. In simpler terms: this is an organic farm.

When it comes to harvesting, they cannot and will not harvest an entire plant at once as this could decimate its very existence. Additionally, this could also upset the balance / the natural synergy of the whole farm. During and after every harvest, plants are honored for sharing their healing and life-giving properties; then dried goods are prepared.

Plant material is placed in a dehydrator at the appropriate temperature and time (based on each plant’s specific needs) to ensure the highest quality healing product. Most plants are developed low and slow to maintain their healing properties optimally.

Bulk herbs available by the ounce; costs vary from herb to herb.

Location: 26403 Chianina Dr., Wesley Chapel. For more information, call 813-991-5177, email [email protected] or visit or Instagram @thenaturalhealthhut.