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The Natural Health Hut

The Natural Health Hut, in Wesley Chapel, is an all-natural herb shoppe nestled amidst an untamed seven-acre herb farm replete with livestock. Founded in 1998 by Herbalist Rose Kalajian, The Hut provides its clients with any and all herbal needs, including dried herbs, herbal tinctures, custom formulated capsules, seaweeds and loose leaf teas. For DIYers, they carry much sought after raw materials, including beeswax, clays, shea butter, glycerin and more.

At the age of 13, Kalajian purchased a book by Herbalist Jethro Kloss titled Back to Eden, known to many today as the herbal bible. Reading this life-changing classic, Kalajian knew in her heart she wanted to be an herbalist. She immediately undertook self-study of plant medicine, seeking out information and working with the plants as often as possible. Her passion in the art and science of it all led her to yearn for a professional education in herbalism and she was graced to be able to learn from the godmother of western herbalism herself—Rosemary Gladstar. Studying side-by-side with Gladstar for seven years, Kalajian received her Sage Mountain diploma and opened doors at The Natural Health Hut.

In a world where the importance of health is at an apex, Kalajian shares of her pride in her grad students of which she has had the honor of teaching directly more than 100. “Knowing that those certified herbalists are out in the world spreading their knowledge and successfully bettering the lives of their clients means the world to me,” Kalajian asserts. “I would also be remiss if I did not give credit to the plant kingdom. I wake up each morning reminded of their miraculous powers to heal and cleanse our bodies, providing us with the resources we need. The natural world inspires me and gives me strength to continue forward in my work every day.”

Kalajian goes on to say, “While my parents were hard working business owners themselves, that does not prepare you for running a business of your own. I opened up The Natural Health Hut by the seat of my pants, teaching myself the nitty-gritty of it all. Now, here I am, over 22 years later, with a thriving business that also teaches others how to successfully do the same. That was both the challenge and the reward.”

The mission at The Natural Health Hut is to empower the community by assisting the individual in healing themselves with reliable herbal health care, making it easy to understand and use, and uplift all those in need with the holistic benefits derived from the natural plant kingdom.

For anyone not sure where to begin on their herbal journey, The Natural Health Hut is also an educational center where Kalajian teaches a one-year intensive Herbalist Training Program. Working toward a whole new level of community outreach, The Hut recently applied for a grant through the renowned Mountain Rose Herbs which would support their efforts to save Florida-native endangered herbs. With the funding of this grant, or otherwise, they would be able to employ members of the community as caretakers of the protected plot.

Kalajian shares, “The hope is to teach members of our community a viable trade that will raise them out from cycles of poverty while also becoming responsible stewards of Earth. With or without the grant, The Natural Health Hut will continue to strive for more opportunities to connect with the local community because healing always starts in the same place: within.”

Hosting a variety of other educational events, including native herb walks, beekeeping, private workshops and more, The Hut’s staff of three employees augmented by countless student apprentices all work together to provide for the needs of the individual and the community with a happy and caring heart.

The Natural Health Hut is located at 26403 Chianina Dr., Wesley Chapel. For more information, call 813-991-5177, email [email protected] or visit or Instagram @thenaturalhealthhut.