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Natural Awakenings Tampa Florida

Self-Health Renewal Made Affordable

Vibrant Wellbeing Center is dedicated to bringing wellness to the community, in a practical and affordable manner, without the need to spend beyond one’s means. To that end, the center comps services to those on SS and disability who need help but can't afford to pay, which at present comprises approximately 20 percent of their clientele. Some of these people have no other place to go other than a free clinic or emergency room. Additionally, there is a Saturday Affordable Clinic, for any treatment, $25.

Offering wellness coaching, acupuncture, PEMF Bemer and/or Biomat with most of his treatments, owner John DeRugeris brings to the table an illustrious background. He holds a doctorate in Medical Qigong, the primary system of medicine in China for 5000 years, and he is certified in two forms of yoga – traditional Hatha yoga a la the Chopra Center (as well as a certification in meditation instruction studying directly under Deepak), and Back Care Yoga under Gary Kraftsow (who studied under Krishnamacharya and his son in India who trained Iyengar and many of the other well-knowns who brought yoga to the U.S).

For further fortification, DeRugeris has a nutritional coaching certification and holds a 4th level certification in Tibetan Bowl sound therapy, showcasing the largest collection of "healing grade" Tibetan bowls in the area. Integrating all these wellness tools and his 20 years of experience into his coaching sessions, his goal is to help each client over the bridge to a holistic lifestyle of wellbeing on all levels.

The newest member at the center, Herbalist Alexandra Prudente, brings with her a sizable inventory, specializing in stocking all of the herbs that Anthony William recommends, and she has many of his herbal blends to-go, pre-mixed, and also pre-packaged in tea bags.

Location: 6161 9th S. N, Ste. 100, St. Petersburg. Call for info and appointments, 727-692-7154 or 727-289-4747 (option 1) or visit