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Natural Awakenings Tampa Florida

Top Performing Probiotics

ReNew Life Clinic, in Clearwater, strives to have the very best products for their clients. Their newest addition is possibly the very best probiotic available to date.  It’s Vital Flora by Vital Planet. Formulated by Brenda Watson, queen of gut health, Vital Flora supports the immune system, helps leaky gut, assists digestion, helps to produce natural antibiotics, protects against viruses and pathogens, reduces inflammation and the list goes on.

When searching for a truly good probiotic, look for how many billions of organisms there are and how many strains there are, because different strains do different things for the body. You want a product to have as many strains as possible. Also, notice if there are prebiotics included. The prebiotics are the fiber that feeds the probiotics to help them survive.

Vital Flora formula contains 60 billion organisms, 60 strains and seven prebiotics. The Critical Care formula contains 100 billion organisms, 100 strains and 10 prebiotics. All formulas are in delayed release capsules to protect them from stomach acid and deliver to the intestines. Formulas are shelf-stable and refrigerated.

As a practicing colon hydrotherapist for 27 years, Bonnie Barrett, LMT, CT is available to share her experiential knowledge regarding the support and benefits probiotic formulas can contribute to maintaining overall health.

Location: 28469 US 19 N., Ste. 402, Clearwater. For more information, call 727-461-7227 and/or visit