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Natural Awakenings Tampa Florida

Assistance with Personal Transformation

Allarah LaVelle, shamanic practitioner and hypnotherapist, has relocated to Florida after 14 years in Arizona. She is now offering phone and video sessions. Her passion is to assist each individual in transforming into the empowered, wonderful, successful being they are meant to be.

The truth is, we are not looking to control anxiety or depression, an addiction or other malady. The truth is, we are all looking for something “more”: more comfort, more ease, more love and nurturing; and what you seek is inside of you.

LaVelle shares that thirty years of working with clients and a binder-full of testimonials, letters and thank you cards attest to the fact there is a better, easier way to achieve one’s dreams. Using various modalities, from shamanic drumming, EFT, breathing techniques, sound healing and balancing to traditional ways to use the God-given power and infinite intelligence that lives within us all, LaVelle asserts each individual is the choreographer, the writer and director of their own story and assists in clearing the way for this to occur.

Cost: $50. Location: US Hwy. 19N, Ste. 112, Clearwater. For a free initial phone consultation, call 520-349-4884 or email [email protected]. For more information, visit and on Facebook and Instagram, MysticShaman1111