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Tampa Bay Dental Welcomes 3D Visual Guidance Technology for Implants

Tampa Bay Dental Implants and Periodontics, established in 2008, by Dr. Robert J. Yu, is always seeking to implement the latest in modern technology in every area of its facility. Dr. Yu is now proud to be a part of Navident, the Dynamic Navigation for Dental Implantation. In October 2019, Dr. Yu was the first to perform this surgery in the west coast of Florida.

Navident has opened a whole new door for the dental implant procedure. It is unique in that it uses a CBCT image as a map, guiding surgeons as if they were using a GPS system. The patient wears a monitoring cap which gives a live visual on a screen, allowing the surgeon to view his tools as they are guided through the patient’s jaw. By knowing anatomical locations at all times, Navident provides a less invasive procedure for the patient while also increasing overall accuracy (three times more accurate than typical freehand).

For those allergic/sensitive to metal or who prefer the more holistic lifestyle, Dr. Yu offers ceramic implants and is currently using both the CeraRoot implant system (a global leader in metal-free, holistic and esthetic implants) as well as Straumann PURE implants. Ceramic implants are highly biocompatible with the human body and high-impact ceramic implants provide a viable alternative to metal (titanium) implants.

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