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Boost the Immune System Instantly

“As a medical doctor and practitioner of holistic health, I’ve long been a proponent of IV vitamin C as a natural way to strengthen the immune system.” - Prudhvi Karumanchi, M.D.

IV Vitamin C Infusion is a powerful antioxidant. This therapy delivers large doses through your bloodstream for a direct boost. Is it effective against COVID-19? It’s being used to treat severe cases in New York’s largest hospital system – with impressive results. It’s been used successfully in China as well. So far, the consensus is COVID-19 patients who receive IV vitamin C do significantly better than those who don’t.

More things you can do to boost your immune system include getting plenty of sleep; sleep deprived people are more likely to become ill after exposure to a virus. Exercise regularly; exercise enhances immune function and has an anti-inflammatory effect. Reduce stress; yoga, meditation, uplifting talk with friends, music – all can boost your immune function. Take vitamin C supplements and eat foods rich in vitamin C.

Dr. Karumanchi, at Integrative Therapeutics, has been offering IV Vitamin C Infusion for years and brings this expertise to serve his patients via in-clinic and virtual appointments as well as making house calls. Dr. K is a board certified physician specializing in geriatrics and emergency, sleep, internal and functional medicines.

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