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Using Genetic Testing to Improve Health

Everyone seems to be getting genetic testing these days, but its purpose is much more than whether you will contract a disease or not; its higher purposes is to help the body function optimally.

There is genetic testing that can tell us how to fix certain genes or why we have certain medical conditions and why they may (or may not) be improving. You can use genetic testing to actually improve your health.

John D. Young, MD has been treating patients at Young Foundational Health Center since he opened the private practice in 2005. As the author of Beyond Treatment and creator of Young Health Products, he continues to treat patients with the motto: “Treat the cell, heal the body.” He is the innovator for human umbilical cord stem cells and has trained doctors worldwide on its effectiveness. Dr. Young is sought after because of his out-of-the-box thinking in conjunction with integrative and natural medicine.

Attend an upcoming gratis seminar on the intriguing topic of genetic testing for optimizing body function, to be held at 6:30 p.m., on May 21, at Nature’s Food Patch, in Clearwater (see calendar this issue for details).

Location: Young Foundational Health, 7241 Bryan Dairy Rd., Largo. To schedule an appointment, call 727-545-4600. Most major medical insurances accepted. For more information, visit