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Breast Health Awareness

Oct 10, 2019 10:52AM
October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, but instead of thinking about cancer, why not think about how you can have healthy breasts. Many women think the most they can do is cross their fingers and say a little prayer to keep from developing cancer.

Know that there are, indeed, many positive things women can do, including eating organic, avoiding GMOs, getting a good night’s sleep and detoxifying the body regularly, to name just a few. Additionally, it’s good to know the risk factors. There is a large margin between healthy and a diagnosis, and it's helpful to know where you fall within that spectrum.

Thermography can tell us how healthy the breasts are and is an excellent tool to identify specific challenges. This enables women to implement lifestyle changes that can improve the health of the breasts proactively instead of waiting for a diagnosis later. Mindful wellness with thermography!

For more information, contact June Drennon, Tampa Bay Thermography, at 727-729-2711 or email [email protected].