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Lypo-Spheric, the Future of Lifestyle Vitamins

Apr 28, 2023 09:45AM ● By Dr. Robert Yu
Offering an array of remarkable health supplements, Tampa Bay Dental Implants, Periodontics and Oral Surgery, in St. Pete, hones in on Lypo-Spheric Vitamins, an amazing and innovative way to keep up with necessary daily nutrients, with the help of liposomes. You may ask, what are liposomes?
The structure of a liposome mimics an adipose (fat) cell in the body, which is why it’s acknowledged and absorbed better into the body. Liposomes function by polar lipid molecules called phospholipids which encapsulate the nutrients in a nano-to micro-sized sac, preserving them from stomach acid, enzymes and other forces that might degrade the supplement.
Lypo-Spheric offers a variety of unflavored gel supplements to fit most any lifestyle. All Lypo-Spheric products are vegan, sugar- and gluten-free, and contain no GMOs. Vitamin C is one of the most popular supplements offered in the office. One of the few “water-soluble“ vitamins, which means our bodies are not capable of storing the complete necessary nutrients, it was discovered in a study conducted by the National Institutes of Health, that a maximum of only 200mg of non-liposomal Vitamin C was absorbed at a time. This means when you consume a Vitamin C oral supplement at 1,000 to 2,000mg, your body is only absorbing 200mg of that dosage. In support of liposomal Vitamin C benefits, researchers found in a 2016 study that liposomal Vitamin C provided substantial absorption compared to capsulized forms of oral supplements.
Other than primates and guinea pigs, humans are the only other mammal on Earth incapable of making Vitamin C in the body. We lack the enzyme L-gulonolactone oxidase (GLO) needed to make C from the glucose (sugar) in our blood. Also known as ascorbic acid, Vitamin C is necessary for the growth, development and repair of all body tissues. When you think of the benefits of Vitamin C, your mind automatically goes to boosted immunity (which is amazing), but it offers so much more than that. Vitamin C is involved in many body functions, including formation of collagen, absorption of iron, proper functioning of the immune system, wound healing, and the maintenance of cartilage, bones and teeth. Insufficient Vitamin C intake can lead to fatigue, depression, bruising easily and joint pain.
Lypo-Spheric R-Alpha-lipoic acid is another popular supplement offered. A liquid formulation of R-lipoic acid was discovered to be better absorbed and more stable in plasma, suggesting that it might be considerably more productive than the capsulated form in the management of a condition such as diabetic neuropathy. Several studies suggest R-Alpha-lipoic acid helps reduce blood sugar levels. Its ability to eliminate free radicals may benefit people with diabetic peripheral neuropathy, alleviating pain, burning, itching, tingling and numbness in arms and legs from nerve damage. Because alpha-lipoic acid is both fat and water soluble, the liposomes help create a barrier to help the body absorb the full nutrients from the supplements. All Lypo-Spheric products benefit a range of support from cellular heath to brain and nerve function.
Vitamins work hard to keep our bodies functioning properly, and they help drive essential processes needed in our everyday lives. Each nutrient is on a mission to deliver health benefits to help reach wellness goals. Dr. Robert Yu cares tremendously about his patients’ health and wellness, not only believing in these products and how they benefit overall health, but ingesting these supplements to benefit daily life outside the dental office! Dr. Yu shares, “Feel free to call with any questions regarding these products; we’d love to answer them and see you in soon!”
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