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Ensuring Clearing with RGCC

Head shot of Dr. John Young

Each year, 95 percent who die from cancer do not die from the original cancer (i.e. breast, prostate, etc.) but rather from the metastasis as the cancer spreads to the lungs, liver, brain, bones, etc. There is no chemotherapy, surgery or radiation treatment that can stop the metastasis because these forms kill the cancer tumor cells and not the tumor stem cells.
There are tests that identify how many tumor stem cells are in the blood and what those cells are sensitive to pharmaceutically and naturally. This test can reveal how sensitive these cells are to heat therapy and whether they have a protein coating (which prevents the cancer cells from receiving treatment) and the likelihood the cancer is building new blood vessels as it prepares to invade other organs.
When a doctor advises “we got all the cancer” or the margins are clear, that means nothing. A blood draw from the arm will tell us the kind of cancer. For those receiving cancer treatment now, be sure you don’t have to repeat all of the chemo, surgery, radiation again. Young Foundational Health Center suggests looking into RGCC as it may be helpful.
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