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Supplements, Exercise and Non-Western Diet Lower Cancer Risk

Snap peas, eggs, salmon cuts on cutting board, block of cheese, mushrooms sticks of butter, small pitcher of milk surrounding chalkboard with vitamin D written on it


The critical importance of simple lifestyle strategies in cancer prevention has been borne out by two recent endeavors. In a five-year study of 2,157 physically active people over 70 from five European countries, international researchers found that 2,000 International Units a day of vitamin D3 and one gram a day of marine omega-3s, plus a simple home-strength exercise program, reduced the risk of invasive cancers by 61 percent. Researchers at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, in Boston, that analyzed the diets and health outcomes of 134,775 people, found that a Western-style diet rich in red and processed meat, sugar, refined grains and carbohydrates was linked with an E. coli strain prominent in colorectal cancer.