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Natural Awakenings Tampa Florida

Herbalist Training Program

A dark haired women standing in overalls with her hands up in the air with some herbs drawn in behind her

Rooted in the wisdom of the natural world and the many traditions that have honed the craft of botanical medicine, this one-year herbal medicine program, beginning October 2022, is most popular for beginner, intermediate and advanced herbalists as well as any healthcare practitioner or professional who wants to include plant medicine in their practice.
Facilitated by Clinical Herbalist-Rose Kalajian, who has been serving the community for 24 years, the program is a holistic approach to healing that seeks balance in all aspects of the individual, including food, lifestyle and spirit.
Instruction takes place indoors and outdoors. The outdoor classroom will include wild plant identification, harvesting herbs, drying herbs and growing plants. This is a rare opportunity for herbal students as most herbal schools in the community don’t offer an outside classroom. As the plants grow, students will be guided to develop relationships with them. When ready, the plant will be harvested and made into an herbal remedy.
Additionally, this course will guide students into the many areas and aspects of herbal careers, including Essential Oils, Flower Remedies, Hands-on Medicine Making, Herbal Cosmetic Products, Salves, Pill Making, Extracts and more.
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