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Guide to Protein Powders

Bowl and scooper full of protein powder next to protein shake


Protein supplementation is an $18 billion global industry, so sifting through options for our own lifestyle and constitution can be daunting. These descriptions of protein powder sources may help:

Chia seed: vegan and naturally gluten-freeheart-healthy, supports bone health and enhances insulin sensitivity; supports healthy weight loss due to fiber content; natural source of calcium (average protein percentage: 12 to 16 grams per scoop)

Egg White: lowers risk of cardiovascular disease and lowers blood pressure; improves muscle repair; cholesterol-free (average protein percentage: 25 grams per scoop)

Hemp seed: vegan and naturally gluten-free; easily digestible, nutrient-dense protein containing all essential amino acids; helpful in reducing inflammation and contains healthy fats and antioxidants (average protein percentage: 15 to 20 grams per scoop)

Non-GMO Pea: vegan and naturally gluten-free; builds muscle mass and improves tone; contains all essential amino acids; promotes satiety and a natural source of iron (average protein percentage: 20 to 25 grams per scoop)

Organic Brown Rice: vegan and naturally gluten-free; aids in muscle recovery, helps to burn fat (average protein percentage: 25 grams per scoop)                

Pumpkin Seed: vegan and naturally gluten-free; alkalizing and high in zinc; lowers risk of certain cancers and improves reproductive and intestinal health (average protein percentage: 22 to 35 grams per scoop)

Whey (cow- or goat-sourced): builds muscle mass via anabolic hormones like insulin; goat whey offers high nutrition and protein with fewer sensitivities than cow’s milk (average protein percentage: 25 to 30 grams per scoop)


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