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Local Hypnotherapist’s Periodontal Surgery without Anesthesia

Headshot of Patricia Scott

Since becoming certified almost 30 years ago in medical hypnotherapy and hypnotic anesthesiology, Patricia V. Scott has practiced these skills for all her dental procedures using hypnosis rather than chemical anesthesia. She recently had the opportunity to really test her skills when it became necessary to have major periodontal surgery, including bone grafts and tooth extractions. The surgery was so successful that the Clearwater periodontist, Dr. Robert Churney, agreed to do a Zoom interview which can be found on YouTube (search “Patricia V. Scott Periodontal Surgery”).

Scott prepared her mind for surgery by practicing creating numbness in her mouth (also called hypnosedation) and giving her body suggestions to control bleeding and pain. The surgery was performed without any chemical anesthesia and she required zero pain medication post-surgery. These techniques are being used more frequently today and are well documented in the medical community.

Scott has distinguished herself in the field of medical hypnotherapy and is a Life Fellow with the International Medical & Dental Hypnotherapy Association. She offers Medical Hypnotherapy and Hypnosis Certification training with Dr. Eric Rosen, a licensed psychologist in Palm Harbor. Due to Covid, training begins online June 12 and 13 with limited “live” classroom training for locals in Dunedin, Florida.

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