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Breast Ultrasound Now at Greenpoint Thermography

Greenpoint Thermography now offers breast ultrasound in their St. Petersburg office. Once used exclusively for diagnostic purposes in women with breast pain, a lump or abnormal finding on other imaging, ultrasound is fast becoming a popular supplemental breast screening tool because of the decreased effectiveness of mammography in women with dense breast tissue. Like thermography, ultrasound is completely unaffected by breast density which means cancers cannot “hide” in dense tissue.

Breast ultrasound is a safe, noninvasive and effective imaging modality with no exposure to ionizing radiation, no known side effects and no need for painful breast compression. For those women who choose thermographic screening, breast ultrasound is an excellent adjunct as it provides detailed anatomic information which complements the physiologic information provided by thermography. All studies are interpreted by board certified radiologists.

Greenpoint Thermography provides thermographic imaging services at their St. Petersburg office and throughout the Tampa Bay area on a monthly or quarterly basis. They are physician owned and operated allowing for quick turnaround of results.

Location: 7901 4th St. North, Ste. 316, St. Petersburg. For more information and appointments, call 727-576-0100 and/or visit Like them on Facebook.