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Thermal Temperature Monitoring Solution

It could become a new workplace standard in the first line of defense against Covid-19. It's called a thermal imaging camera. Armed with advanced thermal imaging technology, the camera scans the body temperature of an individual in less than one second, enabling instant detection of an elevated skin temperature. A person simply walks up to the camera and the system will let the individual know if their temperature is normal or too high.

This small business office solution comes in two styles: the countertop or kiosk. The countertop thermal imaging camera can be placed on a receptionist desk or mounted to a wall. The kiosk thermal imaging camera can be placed upon entry into the business. Both are conveniently portable and, once plugged into an electric outlet, require no programming and no internet access. Now available through FFSWGlobal, this thermal imaging system can easily be installed in restaurants, hotels, clinics, office buildings, homes, hospitals, cruise ships and more.

Not a medical device and not designed or intended for diagnosis, the prevention or treatment of any disease or condition, these thermographic systems are screening tools that businesses and households can use as part of a holistic biosecurity plan.

Location: 795 Commerce Dr., Ste. 4, Venice. For more information and to schedule a demo, call 727-865-9339.

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