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Happy Feet Plus: February is Heart Health Month

In this month of love, Happy Feet Plus celebrates heart health and a fondness for all things local. Kenkoh Massage Sandals, the company’s pinnacle healthy footwear brand, will be on full display February 22, at Localtopia, in Williams Park, downtown St. Petersburg. Stop by the Happy Feet Plus booth to speak with their healthy feet experts about how to rid yourself of foot, leg, and back pain and test drive a pair of Kenkohs.

In 2004, a South Korean medical study demonstrated unequivocally that a daily foot massage can lower blood pressure and help improve heart health. Kenkoh, the original massage sandal, combines elements of traditional Japanese reflexology with orthotic arch support to offer foot pain relief, relaxation and lower blood pressure. Scientific studies of Kenkohs have also demonstrated that the sandals can help to significantly improve circulation and guard against harmful conditions such as DVT.

Recent additions to the Kenkoh lineup include new premium leather styles as well as a new color in the bestselling Spirit style.

For more information and Happy Feet Plus locations, visit