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Natural Awakenings Tampa Florida

Letter from the Publisher

Debbey Wilson publisher of Natural Awakenings Tampa

Debbey Wilson

Welcome to 2020 and this year’s January issue of Natural Awakenings. This new decade is sure to offer both opportunity and challenge in the pursuit of healthy living and wellness.

With growing awareness that planet Earth is in need of immediate life support, crucial worldwide, national and local actions are organizing, seeking solutions, and finding ways to get involved at all levels.

Our Wise Words feature this month, “Covering Climate Now” (page 34), shares insight from legendary journalist Bill Moyers, a leader in today’s accelerating movement to address climate change and its growing influence on our planetary home. Natural Awakenings publishers have accepted Moyers’ challenge to join a global media project spreading awareness of the urgency of the issue. Our commitment to this issue includes continuing focus on planet-friendly routines and lifestyles for today and into the future.

In our magazine’s focus on wellness, we cover all facets of natural health. In this regard this month, we look at the legendary quest for the “fountain of youth”. In her article, “Living Long & Well: Age-Defying Habits and the Fountain of Youth” (page 28), writer Melinda Hemmelgarn examines the roles of genes, environment, lifestyle factors and other age-defying strategies—from diet, exercise, and sleep to the necessary attitude adjustments that might be involved.

As always, open and heart and mind and read on.