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Natural Awakenings Tampa Florida

Healing Naturally and Wholly

The body is designed to heal itself when given the right nutrients. Nutrition Therapy is a process of using nutrition and whole food nutritional supplements to target specific health conditions for natural healing.

The healing protocol at Wize Nutrition Therapy starts by identifying the root cause of the problem using applied muscle testing techniques followed with the particular nutritional supplementation needed for the body's healing to begin.

Dr. Nwando Nwanna, a practicing pharmacist for more than 20 years, realizes that most drugs used in Western medicine to treat chronic diseases do not address the root cause and are not designed to cure the disease—they suppress symptoms and may prevent complications but do not produce complete resolution. The fact you have to take these drugs every day shows that the pathology is still there and may get worse, affecting other organs over time.

By removing the toxins or stressors producing the disease and providing the needed nutrients to repair damaged cells, you provide the optimal environment for the body’s innate ability to kick in and self-heal.

Location: 34876 US 19 N, Palm Harbor (at East West Healing Solutions Wellness Center). For more information and appointment, call 727-216-3972 or visit