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New Evidence-Based Treatment for Alleviating Symptoms of Lyme Disease

Jul 30, 2019 10:39PM ● By Linda Sechrist

A paradigm shift in the approach to treating Lyme disease is offering relief to individuals that have been suffering for many years from this complex condition, as well as other chronic health issues. Developed by Wyatt Palumbo, author of Don’t Kill My Lyme: Just Get Me Better and the founder of the Lifestyle Healing Institute, in Naples, the treatment is based on scientific, evidence-based research and the author’s personal experience with serious illness due to toxin exposure.
“Conventional doctors treated my symptoms of anxiety, insomnia and abdominal pain with medications but failed to identify and address the underlying toxin problems. Since my symptoms overlapped those of other chronic diseases, I sought treatment in a wellness clinic where detoxification and targeted nutraceuticals cured my symptoms. I continued with the clinic as a researcher, studying patients debilitated by chronic diseases such as Lyme,” says Palumbo.
A curious researcher, Palumbo conducted a specialized microscopic examination of his own blood and found biofilm, which is built by 80 percent of all infectious diseases and bacteria as a shelter for survival against antibiotics, and found parasites and Lyme. “Although I was feeling fine, the common thinking for optimal health then was to eradicate all pathogens from the body. While a parasite cleanse did result in a dramatic reduction in the biofilm and organisms in my body, the effect on my health was catastrophic. I was taken to a hospital ER. All the previous levels of my previous symptoms returned, in addition to symptoms of heart palpitations and arrhythmia. Another round of detoxification resolved all symptoms. The whole experience led to an epiphany when I started questioning why I felt so good despite having organisms and biofilm, and why I felt so bad after the organisms were dramatically reduced,” recalls Palumbo. 
The killing of remaining organisms and biofilm, a pathogen’s home in the body which is unaffected by antibiotics, had resulted in the release of toxins and a Jarisch-Herxheimer reaction, throwing him back into his illness. “My question, could it be that a healthy immune system allows the body to coexist with many less virulent pathogens, was answered in my time at the clinic, where I was able to observe patients who suffered the same experience,” he reports.
      Palumbo introduced the concept that killing Lyme and breaking down biofilm fortresses may not be the healthiest strategy, and that a healthy immune system allows an individual to stay healthy and coexist with Lyme. “A healthy immune system treats the initial infection, sometimes with minimal symptoms, and suppresses the virus, which retreats from the immune system, hidden in the body’s cells. There they remain without causing illness as long as the immune system stays healthy. For example, the chicken pox virus can explode into shingles if the immune system is compromised,” explains Palumbo.
The Lifestyle Healing Institute’s philosophy allows the body to heal itself once given the proper tools to boost the immune system. A healthy immune system is key to our health. For 90 percent of Lyme individuals for which traditional treatment has failed, Palumbo’s scientifically researched, more all-natural and integrative approach to healing (chronic) Lyme disease and everything that comes with it is successful. 
“We’ve proven that after successfully rebuilding the immune system, balancing electricity in the brain, enhancing blood flow, healing the gut and its lining, optimizing hormone function, reducing environmental toxicity and exposure, identifying food allergies and establishing proper nutrition, and providing exercise regimens, people do get better. We use a method that is more efficient, more scientific, and less time-consuming, which gets you better without the use of pharmaceuticals,” notes Palumbo, who works at the clinic in collaboration with Edwin J. Dean, M.D.
The Lifestyle Healing Institute is located at 501 Goodlette Rd. N., Ste. 300, in Naples. For an appointment, call 866-663-3869 or visit for more information. See ad page 4.