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My Tattoos Would Have Killed Me: Nutrition Response Testing Saved My Life

Nov 30, 2018 06:46PM ● By Hayley Imbriani

I am an advanced trained clinician at Nutritional Wellness, in Clearwater, and here is the story of how my life was saved by the amazing technology of Nutrition Response Testing (NRT).

I first got tattoos when I was in college and knew nothing about the disastrous effects they can have on the body. All I knew was back when I was 25, I reached a point where I couldn’t see myself surviving another two years.

I felt my body dying. It was at the point where dialysis was on the table. My kidneys were breaking down and I had severe back pain to the point where I could hardly stand. Working during the day was extremely hard because of the pain and the energy it took to deal with it. I also had persistent headaches, constant bladder infections and severe stomach problems connected with constipation and bloating. If that wasn’t bad enough, I started developing both depression and anxiety and suffered frequent panic attacks where it would feel just like a heart attack.

Always in pain, no matter what I did, my quality of living was zero because of the state of my health. It was impossible for me to just live my life. I went to so many doctors and healthcare professionals who all offered solutions but none that improved my condition which continued to worsen over time.

Then, I found NRT. This testing process was able to identify the heavy amounts of metals and chemicals stored in my body from the tattoo inks and dyes and which my poor kidneys couldn’t flush out as well as the tremendous amount of nerve damage done by the tattoo scarring down my entire spine.

These factors stopped my body from working the normal way and from healing. By identifying what was breaking my body down, we were able to find the nutritional support needed to assist the body to once again repair itself, including the cessation of certain foods that were toxic and continually making me sicker.

Fast forward five years... I am now the healthiest and most vibrant I’ve ever been. I can go out and live my life with no attention on my health. I don’t have to plan activities around my disease or ailments. I can just be me again. I feel like I’ve gotten myself back and so much more than that. I have certainty that health can be changed for the better—with the right tools and information.

Even though my tattoos almost killed me, I now show them proudly like the battle scars they are, marking my journey and the perseverance it took to get to where I am today: A healer who is able to help anyone with the right nutritional support, education and care.

If you or a loved one have your own collection of ailments and symptoms that have added up over the years and answers and solutions have eluded you, NRT may be the help needed to reveal the underlying causes and assist in the return to health.


Hayley Imbriani is a licensed massage therapist and advanced clinician at Nutritional Wellness, located at 205 S. Myrtle Ave., Clearwater. For more information and appointment, call

727-248-0930. See ad pages 21 and 35.