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Aerial Bungee Accommodates Every Fitness Level

Jul 23, 2018 10:34PM ● By Karen Gonzalez

Aerial bungee fitness is a new form of aerial art spreading around the world. Movements are designed to engage the body’s entire core both dynamically and statically, challenging people of all levels of fitness.
The goal of aerial bungee is to utilize a safety harness and bungee cord to unlock motions previously unattainable normally. The bungee enhances movement and creates resistance at the same time, causing moments of ‘flight’ when used properly. This weightlessness creates a low impact workout environment for people to perform moves they would have never imagined possible. The support of the bungee provides users the needed buoyancy to land with decreased stress on their joints, alleviating the worry of fitness injuries and allowing for increased activity and improved focus on cardio. Balancing on and activating the bungee build dynamic stability in one’s core, correcting posture and supporting balance. Aerial bungee fitness is a low impact, resistance workout technique that provides support to focus on routines and exploration while building on goals with decreased stress.
Aerial bungee fitness classes are designed to accommodate people of every fitness level. Moves and motions can all be varied in intensity to change their difficulty. Through education of each position, students learn how to incorporate the bungee and build trust to do so. Understanding the support of the bungee allows the user to complement their movements, making the motions more dynamic and graceful. Positions and moves are taught in both front and back suspension. Beginners learn and explore a variety of movements affording the ability to understand what aerial bungee fitness is all about. Once they get comfortable, higher level classes deviate to target specific fitness goals and further exploration.
Whether young or old, aerial bungee fitness is an inventive way to challenge people both physically and mentally. Classes are one hour and designed so that each person works towards their own personal goal, with safety being a top priority to ensure health and enjoyment.
In each class, teachers observe and educate students to teach proper forms and combinations. The teacher’s goal is to create a safe, fun environment to explore and exercise, working with people of every comfort level. Approached from both dance and fitness backgrounds to entertain and encourage participation, classes are perfect for team building, groups, couples, friends and anyone wanting to experience the weightlessness in aerial bungee fitness.
Karen Gonzalez, owner of Kinesis, the Movement Studio, has been practicing physical therapy in Florida for 26 years, specializing in musculoskeletal issues and pain management using Ki-Hara Resistance Stretching and Thai-Mashiatsu or “mashing” where she utilizes her hands, feet and body weight to release tight connective tissue and stimulate inactive and weak muscles. She is a certified Ki-Hara Master Trainer, Corrective Exercise Specialist and Certified Level 1 USATF Track and Field Coach, a professional speaker on injury prevention in running, and an avid rock climber and runner. For more information, call 727-331-0751 or visit Traditional Medicare Part B and private pay accepted. See ad page 13.