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Unlocking the Secrets of CBD at Divine Connections Massage & Spa

Jun 29, 2018 05:02PM ● By Mercy Terrill

Divine Connections Massage and Spa is one of the first spas in the state to offer Cannabis Massage, a massage session using cannabidiol (CBD) oil. What exactly sets a Cannabis Massage apart from your average massage? Here is some explanation as to how and why a little bit of CBD oil can make such a big difference.
What exactly is CBD?
There are 400 components of the cannabis plant that are commonly found in other species of plants, thus why marijuana can smell like pine trees or taste like fresh lemons. Of those 400 compounds, more than 60 are specific to the plant type cannabis. Scientists call these special compounds “cannabinoids”. However, not all cannabinoids are created equal. One of them— cannabidiol (CBD)—holds the key to the wide variety of medicinal and therapeutic effects marijuana offers but without its psychoactive behaviors.
What exactly does CBD do?
CBD has been found to have fantastic painkilling effects and CBD oil can especially help those with chronic pain and inflammation conditions such as arthritis and migraines as well as with the pain associated with conditions such as fibromyalgia.
What is the science behind CBD? 
The endocannabinoid system is a network of neurons that runs throughout the entire body. Loaded with receptors that bind to the cannabinoids you introduce into your bloodstream, it is  also responsible for regulating balance in our body’s immune response, communication between cells, appetite, metabolism, memory and much more. 
When using CBD alone, there are none of the traditional effects that users experience such as being stoned. Since CBD doesn’t get you high, products that contain only this cannabinoid are legal and CBD products are widely available and easily accessible.
What is a Cannabis Massage?
​Cannabis Massage is a typical massage but using oils/salves/creams/gels/balms/
lotions that have been infused with flowers from the cannabis plant. At Divine Connections, hemp cannabis is used. Think of the infusion the same as infusing lavender flowers into oil or strawberries into water
—the essence and oils contained in the plant are infused into the carrier oil. (​Note: Topical use of hemp cannabis has not been associated to a failed drug test. It may be possible with hair follicle testing, however, typical fluid testing has not created a failure, to the knowledge of the author.)
How do I know if Cannabis Massage is right for me?
​Cannabis massage is right for everyone. Since the topical does not enter the bloodstream, people that do not normally use cannabis may still enjoy the various benefits. That being said, Cannabis Massage is particularly helpful for people that suffer from chronic pain and inflammation, including migraines, recovering skin cancer survivors, multiple sclerosis, epilepsy and more.
Can I drive legally and safely after a Cannabis Massage?
If you can drive after a regular massage, you can drive after having a Cannabis Massage. The topical application will not impair your brain.
At Divine Connections, they use 100 percent hemp cannabis which contains less than .01 percent THC. Additionally, because massage topicals are not absorbed into the bloodstream, there is no “high” associated with use. (Note: Any topical product labeled as “transdermal” will enter the bloodstream. Divine Connections Massage & Spa does not use any topical with this type of absorption.)
Mercy Terrill, owner of Divine Connections Massage & Spa, is a graduate of the massage therapy program at Sunstate Academy, in Clearwater. She is a Florida native, born in Miami and raised in Tampa. Terrill has had the experience of being nursed back to health through the use of massage therapy. As a result, she knows firsthand the positive impact a therapist can make on a person’s standard of living. For these reasons, she customizes her massages to meet the specific needs of each client. She specializes in Therapeutic/Medical Massage of the neck, shoulders, shoulder girdle area, lower back and hip area; Swedish/Relaxation; Deep Tissue; Sports; Prenatal; Hot Stone; and Chair Massage. She is also level 2 certified in Reiki.
Divine Connections Massage & Spa is located at 6052 Van Dyke Rd., Lutz. For more information, call 813-402-2959 or visit See ad page 43.
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