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Hypnotherapy Training as a Life or Career Path

May 31, 2018 05:28PM ● By Matthew Jason Brownstein, CCHt

Many of us know of the power of the mind yet few may be aware of how powerful a training in hypnotherapy can be.
What is hypnosis and hypnotherapy?
Hypnosis is a natural yet altered state of mind where we have communication with the subconscious mind and where powerful change can occur through properly worded suggestions that influence our emotions, behaviors and even physiology. Hypnotherapy expands upon the use of the altered state to use powerful transformational modalities that quickly find the root cause of problems, transform deep-seated personal blockages and unleash the full potential of who we really are.
What credentials are involved in becoming a hypnotherapist? Hypnotherapy has been acknowledged by the federal government as a true occupation, therefore, schools that offer career diplomas in the field are required to be licensed by their respective state’s department of education. Anyone looking into hypnotherapy training is encouraged to research state-licensed schools that offer legitimate diplomas in this occupation. The Commission for Independent Education is the branch of the Florida Department of Education that monitors and licenses schools of this nature. This is the primary qualification of a true educational institute offering certifications in this field.
Beyond state licensure, there are many certifying bodies for hypnotists and hypnotherapists. It is important to know that these are independent (not federal or state) organizations and that membership in them is not required. They are easy to join and many require a low number of hours of training and do not require that their schools are state-licensed. We therefore encourage you to look for schools and/or associations that:
1Are indeed licensed to offer diplomas/certifications through a state agency
2Offer 500+ hours of comprehensive training
3Offer both online and in-house supervised learning to make the best of both forms of education
4Are associated with a respectable credentialing body that holds some of the highest standards in the industry
5Work with law and legislative matters to protect the free and open practice of hypnotherapy as an occupation of which to be proud
Is hypnotherapy training the right fit for me? An education in hypnotherapy is much more than just a career path. Many go through hypnosis training for personal and spiritual growth and do not intend to make a living from their credentials. Therefore, if you are considering training in hypnosis and/or hypnotherapy, you might want to consider the following:
1Are you already in a caregiving profession where you want to expand your skillsets and credentials?
2Are you looking for a profession where you can be your own boss, make your own hours and create a safe and transformative space for your clients?
3Are you looking for profound personal and spiritual growth that helps you to transform your life from the inside out?
The path of hypnotherapy can offer personal and/or professional rewards that are beyond measure. Many graduates explore the following:
1A full-time or part-time private practice with their own office
2Hypnotherapy as an adjunct to an existing profession
3Hypnotherapy training for personal growth and spiritual development
When we learn comprehensive methods and protocols that transform our minds and the minds of others, we tap into a force that can work for good in so many ways. Finding a path that is heart-centered and rooted in Spirit, where high educational standards are met, and where global change begins with each individual is certainly something worth looking into. However, as this profession is gaining in momentum and slowly establishing itself with more credibility, we encourage you to do your research and look into schools that offer 500-plus hours of training with state-licensed diplomas backed by the Florida Department of Education and where the best of both in-house and eLearning are utilized to help you get the most out of your journey.
Hypnotherapy changes lives, and as a path that truly touches the heart, it is one that many follow, leading to significant personal and professional accomplishments.
Matthew Jason Brownstein, CCHt has been in the field of hypnosis and hypnotherapy for more than 20 years. In 2006, he opened Florida’s first (and currently only) state-licensed school for hypnotherapy training through the Department of Education. He is the author of Interpersonal Hypnotherapy and The Sutras on Healing and Enlightenment and is the founder of the International Association of Interpersonal Hypnotherapists, teaching across the country. He is very active in law and legislative efforts that protect the profession as he continues to work to raise the standards of hypnotherapy training and credentialing. For more information, call 800-551-9247 or visit See ad below.