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Natural Awakenings Tampa Florida

Pranic Healing in Tampa Bay

Jan 31, 2018 02:07PM ● By Gayle Myers

Many of us hear these words and wonder how they can apply to our own lives. How can I use my energy to create a new way of being in my world? How can I manifest work that not only feeds my family but feeds my soul? How can I engage not just my mind and body but bring my heart and spirit into my life and work, no longer choosing to feel dulled by the daily grind, but fulfilled, joyful and enriched by the soaring practice of a work and life I love?
These questions are age-old but never more pressing than in our current world, described by Pope Francis as one increasingly based on “the idolatry of money and the dictatorship of an impersonal economy lacking a truly human purpose.” Its pressing emptiness often urges us to turn from the worldly and seek who we really are; to live a life in harmony with the love that we inwardly know is the heart-centered core of our true nature.
Energy Medicine opens a door for many to such a world. Once scoffed at by society and the medical community, it has now been recognized by both. The radical technology of our current age with its advanced and precise monitoring devices now shows that Energy Medicine is real and it works. Of those trying it and using it to complement both their traditional healing modalities as well as their life in general, many come to see it as the missing piece, transforming a temporary fix of health and being to a deep, sustained healing that returns us to true health, vitality and wholeness.
Throughout man’s history, human societies have fostered seekers and healers as well as the wisdom teachers who trained and nurtured them. They enjoyed positions of respect and support in the cultures in which they lived. Not divorced from the spiritual practices of their times, as many of today’s medical communities often are, they melded these two fields of endeavor.
Energy Medicine, which involves the use and manipulation of the subtle energy of prana (life force or chi), not only supports a recognition and pursuit of the spiritual life, it depends upon it. Using spirit energy to heal requires spiritual understanding and growth to maintain the purity, connection and effectiveness of the healer.
If becoming a professional healer of Energy Medicine seems too bold a goal, think again. Pranic Healing, the fastest growing school of Energy Medicine in the world today, offers a path to such a future, and it does not require traveling to distant places to learn it, for it is readily available here in Tampa Bay. Through the efforts of local advanced practitioner Nicole Fouché, more and more pranic healing classes are being taught here every year, using both local and international teachers and visiting masters. In fact, Tampa has become a virtual University of Energy Medicine, but this school far exceeds a mere learning of techniques.
Pranic healing is also a viable path of inner development and spiritual awakening. The classes offer parallel tracks that ultimately merge in both spiritual self-development and Energy Medicine, potentially providing healing of both self and others. One can enter through either doorway, that of the healer or that of what pranic healing calls arhatic yoga (the path of the seeker) and find what they desire as well as connect to a vibrant, established community of like-minded students and practitioners.
Even gifted individuals born with natural healing skills often encounter many inner and outer obstacles and roadblocks to being able to work and successfully earn a living in their destined field. Success requires confidence and wearing many hats. Practicing healers may find in pranic healing the advanced teachings and support they need to both practice and market their skills.
Thus, for the seeker of higher connection who wants to find their own truth and bring greater meaning to their lives and established pursuits or the novice who dreams of becoming a healer of Energy Medicine and doesn’t know where to start or the gifted healer never able to actually work full time and earn an adequate living due to their own inner hesitations and obstacles, pranic healing provides a path of new discovery and ongoing support to make these dreams reality.
For further information, call Nicole Fouché at 813-525-3578 and/or visit See ad page 12.