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Breakthrough in Memory Loss

Jul 01, 2017 11:40AM ● By Tom LeClair

The big news in memory health and the fight against dementia and Alzheimer’s is IQ Memory Formula. Developed by Thomas J. LeClair, a Harvard trained research scientist using 30 years of clinical data, the formula works in four very distinct ways in combination with lifestyle changes.
IQ Memory Formula can stop the progression of dementia. First, it works as a powerful antioxidant to slow the breakdown of brain tissue. Second, it reduces inflammation throughout the body including the brain. Third, it increases blood flow to the brain to improve brain function and tissue repair. Lastly, it ramps up stem cell production to a key location in the brain responsible for memory—the hippocampus.
Health benefits of IQ Memory Formula: decrease your risk of developing dementia and Alzheimer’s up to 75 percent; slow the progression of dementia; improve memory and decision making and increase IQ by 10 percent; clear free radicals; reduce swelling; increase stem cell production and blood flow; lower blood pressure; reduce the risk of cancer and heart disease; maintain bone health; increase balance/reduce risk of falling.
For people without memory issues or those interested in greater performance both physically and mentally, IQ Formula increases blood flow, decreasing oxygen debt and increasing performance by allowing more O2 into the Krebs cycle, improving balance and reaction time.
The formula is pharmaceutical grade, clinical strength without prescription, all natural, with no preservatives, artificial colors/dyes or artificial flavors. Made from blueberries, green tea and cocoa, its antioxidant power is one thousand times stronger than anything else on the market. The formula is most powerful when combined with diet and exercise recommendations.
The best way to understand the power of this all natural supplement is read real stories written by real people at These dedicated users ranging in age from 35 to 85 have been taking the formula for the past two years, and many have responded that their blood work greatly improved along with their overall sense of wellbeing. One woman in her late 80’s was unable to even go to the grocery store. Her mind and body disheveled, this former artist and president of the art league could no longer paint even a single stroke. Recently having lost her husband, she was filled with emotion. After taking IQ Memory Formula, her brain fog began to lift. Three months into its usage, her balance, memory and state of mind dramatically improved. She began to bake, do laundry, go shopping, in and out, up and down the steps…then she sat down and began to paint. She produced dozens of remarkable paintings. Her memory went through the roof. This is just one example how IQ Memory Formula has dramatically improved someone’s life.
For more information, call 727-400-6725 or visit See ad page 48.