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Healing Sounds

Apr 28, 2017 01:24PM ● By Rigo Martinez

Everything in physical existence, including every organ, cell and atom in the human body, generates an electromagnetic field that vibrates at a specific light, color and sound frequency. In my practice, as an adjunct to light therapy, I often use crystal bowls and tuning forks to realign and augment the vibrational frequency of the human body before a massage.
    For thousands of years our ancestors knew about sound healing. According to Chinese medicine, each organ has its own unique frequency. In India’s tradition, the chakras—energy centers at specific areas in the body—vibrate to specific frequencies.
    Sound has been used as a healing tool in many cultures. A mantra (sound, word or phrase repeated frequently) is often used in meditation to create a specific intention, most often for healing purposes, by creating a vibrational shift within the body.
    By activating specific vibrational frequencies internally, organs, tissues and cells coalesce harmoniously and wellbeing is experienced. If the body is experiencing disharmony, it is discord in the vibration and therefore leads to discomfort, pain and disease.
    Sound therapy shifts the vibration by facilitating shifts in the brainwave state. The brainwaves fluctuate to attune with the sound. By using vibratory frequency of rhythm, one can entrain the brainwaves to become more relaxed and even into a meditative state. Although sound therapy is a passive treatment, the experience can be profoundly active. The right sound vibration, based on your body’s needs, will facilitate stillness within, fostering harmonies within body, mind and spirit for integration—wholeness.
    There are different means and ways to apply sound therapy in a healing/massage session, including tuning forks, meditative music and crystal bowls. Often, I use a crystal bowl to balance chakras, remove energy blockages and help meridians flow by infusing higher vibrational frequency. A chakra can become blocked and damaged if the frequency is not flowing according to the body’s needs.
    It’s important that we take the time to integrate light and sound to assist our bodies in maintaining harmony. On your own, take time out to listen to meditative music, sing a tune or tune into the natural sounds of nature like the trilling of a bird, the sound of flowing water or the wind; these foster internal harmony. For expansion of personal growth and awareness, make time to explore and experience energy work and the many modalities offered. 

Rigo Martinez is a licensed massage therapist and shamanic healer specializing in energy work, including Samassati Colorlight Therapy, reiki, craniosacral therapy and SE-5 (subtle energies field inducer), with a wealth of expertise in several healing modalities from around the world. His treatments range from the Peruvian Amazon’s shamanic Andean healing techniques to Angelic Belvaspata to the ancient Chinese practices of qi energy methods. For more information, call 813-992-0295 or visit 
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