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How Powerful are Thoughts?: Do we truly have the power to control our mind?

May 26, 2016 03:01PM ● By Dr. Mary Ann Pellegrino

When we say that our mind, body and spirit need to be connected for a holistic, healthy body, it begins with our thoughts. We create our reality by our mind and where our thoughts are directed. This is manifested by how we react emotionally and physically.
    When we focus our thoughts on a particular problem, we are only forming the issue and giving it more power. It is essential that we recognize where we are putting our thoughts and how we are prioritizing each thought process.
    How do we know which thoughts are most important to us? We know our most important thoughts by what takes up the majority of our mind each day. The National Science Foundation shared that the average person has 12,000 to 60,000 thoughts per day. Of those, 95 percent were repetitive thoughts while 80 percent were negative. Research from the Maryland School of Medicine showed that internal and external dialogue affects our biochemistry and individual tissues. This clearly explains how our thoughts impact our lives. It is essential to understand that what we feed ourselves mentally is being digested in our bodies every day. By having self-discipline with our mind and behavior, we can actually create a healthier existence. 
    It also reveals that we truly are connected with our mind, body and spirit. The way we think can impact the way we feel and act. If we think we are stressed and cannot handle our lives, then our body will begin to demonstrate this by being ill. This really isn’t difficult to understand. If we think about a time when we were stressed, how was our body reacting? Usually, I have had clients share that their neck is stiff or their stomach starts to react and hurt. If they don’t address the issue with their thoughts and reframe the problem for a solution, it starts to manifest in their bodies. This can be reflected in many ways such as one’s blood pressure, cancer or autoimmune disease. 
    Our thoughts are truly powerful and until we own that we have the power to change them, we will continue on a destructive course. It is time to change our thoughts to reflect a positive attitude so that we can be the person that is our happier self. Take the time to give back to you and look at your problematic thoughts in a different perspective. If we look at our problems as lessons, our perspective changes so that we can learn versus having a continuous internal fight with ourselves.
    It takes energy and courage to truly look at our internal self in an objective way. When we begin to review the direction of our mind’s focus, we can see where we are headed and thus, our direction of health. An objective perspective is viewing life from a non-emotionally attached way. It is as if you had a third person to your being that can look at all your problems and emotions with a neutral viewpoint. This can be achieved by many techniques including meditation and visualization to assist you.
    Knowing that our thoughts are truly powerful is just the beginning of creating discipline to our alleged mind patterns. Once we take control of our thoughts, we can begin to create and manifest a better existence for ourselves. Don’t wait on this, but do it NOW. Take the time to address your thoughts and begin to live a happier and healthier you.

Dr. Mary Ann Pellegrino is a psychotherapist, educator and the owner of Pellegrino Consulting, co-founder of InnerTouch School and host of to be held September 17. She can be reached at 813-992-0468 or via email at [email protected]