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Advanced Energy Healing Supports Optimal Health and Well-Being

Nov 02, 2015 06:06PM ● By Christine M. Jalbert, LMT, CBHSP

We have come into an age where we are recognizing more and more, through advancements in quantum physics, medicine, science, psychology, and healing sciences, that not only are human beings made up of energy, but that our thoughts, emotions, beliefs, images and intentions can actually create our reality, including our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health and well-being.
    In Brennan Healing Science, an advanced form of energy healing requiring successful completion of four years and thousands of hours of rigorous study and hands-on training, a client’s healing is approached holistically, taking into account their physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health and well-being and how they impact one another.
    Dis-ease starts in the energy field first (often from habitual thoughts, beliefs, images, emotions and intentions which have their own energetic patterns/vibrations), and if not cleared or resolved, can eventually manifest as dis-ease in the physical body. Through advanced energy healing, a client’s energy field is balanced, cleared and charged, and the dis-ease processes present in the field can be removed and the energy field repaired before they manifest in the physical body.
    This type of healing is often accompanied by inquiry into the thought processes, beliefs, images, emotions and/or intentions that created the dysfunction in the energy field and by facilitating healing of the wound(s) which are the source of the issues that could eventually manifest as dis-ease in the physical body. Clients with dis-ease already manifested in the physical body also benefit from energy healing as it can address not only the dis-ease in the body which is comprised of energy, but also in the client’s energy field from whence it came, thereby getting to the source of the presenting issue.

Chakras (Auric Dimension)
The chakras, or energy centers, are contained within the Auric Dimension—the dimension of personality where our reason, will and emotion reside. Human beings have seven main chakras, which, if healthy and open, take in and metabolize energy to feed the organs in the respective area of each chakra and send the metabolized energy throughout the body.
    The first chakra, located at the perineum, is related to one’s physical energy, will to live, stability, power, money and safety. The second chakra, located below the belly button, is related to our sexuality (quality and quantity of sexual energy) and ability to give and receive pleasure. The third chakra, located at our solar plexus, is related to knowing our place in the world and self-care. The fourth chakra, located at the heart, is related to our relationship to others and how we view the world/others. The fifth chakra, located at our throat, is related to assimilation, speaking our truth, and our career. The sixth chakra, located at the third eye, is related to our ability to visualize and understand mental concepts and manifest ideas into reality. The seventh chakra, located at the crown of our head, is related to our connection to our spirituality.
    With advanced energy healing, chakras which are closed or otherwise dysfunctional can be opened, charged, balanced, repaired and restructured to be restored to their fully functional state to support optimal health and well-being. This can result in the resolution of issues which may have manifested physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually due to the dysfunction.

Hara (Haric Dimension)
The Haric Dimension is the dimension of intentionality. It is the foundation of the Auric Field. In this dimension, there is no reason, will, or emotion; rather, there is only effortless intention. Hara is alignment with and surrender to the Divine. It is a very peaceful, quiet, still and powerful place. The Hara line runs vertically through the middle of a person, very close to the spinal column. It contains our soul’s longing, and connects us to the core of the Earth below and to the Divine above. When our Hara is in alignment, we are in Divine flow, in alignment with who we are and what we truly want; we have clarity about what we want and what direction to take, and we are able to manifest what we want in our lives powerfully and effectively. Brennan Healing Science practitioners align their clients’ Hara lines by performing Hara healings. Hara healings are very powerful and effective for clients who are in transition in their lives, and for clients with spinal or alignment issues since the body follows the Hara line.

Divine Essence
At the core of it all is our Divine Essence—the deepest dimension and the foundation for all of our other dimensions—physical and energetic. All dysfunction and dis-ease is simply a forgetting of who we truly are. Removing the barriers and obstacles to our Divine Essence facilitates healing at the deepest level.

Christine M. Jalbert, LMT, CBHSP is a Licensed Massage Therapist and Certified Brennan Healing Science Practitioner. She is the owner of Higher Self Massage & Healing in St. Petersburg, where she offers deep tissue and relaxation massage as well as advanced energy healing sessions.