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What is Energy Work?: Why It’s Important to Our Healing Process

Sep 01, 2015 01:09PM ● By Rigo Martinez

First and foremost, you must remember who you are. You are a light being, an orb of frequency of sound and light with borrowed suits we call our physical body.

The healthy human body vibrates in a frequency of 62-72 Hz, with each organ contributing to the overall frequency. For example, the liver is 55-60 MHz, the pancreas is 60-80 MHz. Therefore, each organ and cell in our body resonates at a different vibration. These frequencies (electro-magnetic energy waves) communicate with each other through photons, light waves. This process is called bio-communication and determines our quality of healing. This is why it is essential that every organ, every bone, every cell resonate at its optimum vibratory rate for maximum health. If the organs are vibrating at a lower frequency than optimum, one may be vulnerable to disease.

Since everything in our body vibrates, the goal of energy work is to assist the physical and energy bodies to clear and move blockages so that we perform more efficiently. "In every culture and in every medical tradition before ours, healing was accomplished by moving energy." ~ Albert Szent-Györgyi, Noble Laureate in Medicine

There are many levels that create blockages in our vibrating system: poor nutrition, stress, environmental, and ancestral genetics. Nutrition is crucial since we are ingesting vibrational food and it is essential that we intake only the highest quality of food, such as vegetables, fruits and nuts.

Stress is also a contributor to blockages within our frequency. Stress from life experiences, negative outlook, anxious or compulsive thoughts or just perceived stress. Emotional balance is key to creating harmony within our vibrational system.

Environment can also play a role in what impacts our frequency. Cell phones, electronics and pollution are constant bombardments in our energy field.

Ancestral genetics is what we are born with, what we have chosen to learn from, and this can also cause blockages in our bodies if we don’t address the issues.

Using energy work can help all these areas with possible blockages. It utilizes many modalities, including Samassati Colorlight Therapy, Reiki, Belvaspata, cranial sacral, SE-5 (subtle energy field inducer), often in conjunction with massage.

With Samassati therapy, the color of the light carries a specific frequency to certain acupuncture points and meridians in the body so it can produce healing results. Colorlight therapy is used with highly specified crystal lenses to direct light to the points where it is needed. This creates energy that helps enable the frequency to balance and the body to heal itself. Samassati Colorlight Therapy is a vibrational remedy treatment that is non-invasive and relaxes the receiver while addressing wellness on the physical, emotional and spiritual levels.

Based on the colors, such as red, yellow, orange, blue, green, indigo, violet, etc., colorlight therapy will produce specific frequencies to assist in the healing process. If one needs an area on their body to feel calm yet cool, the light spectrum would be directed to that specific area and the colors might include blue, indigo, green and orange to produce those results.

Energy work is not new to the world; it has been around throughout time. However, new technologies and the merging of shamanic practices have created many avenues for further healing and discovery of our bodies and the light energies frequencies.

For your personal growth and awareness, it is worth exploring and experiencing energy work and the many modalities offered. To learn more, call 813-992-0295 or visit


Rigo Martinez, LMT brings a wealth of expertise in several healing modalities from across the globe. His treatments range from shamanic Andean healing techniques from the Peruvian Amazon to the ancient Chinese practices of qi energy methods. He is a massage therapist and shamanic healer who specializes in energy work, including Samassati Colorlight Therapy, Reiki, cranial sacral therapy, SE-5 (subtle energies field inducer) and more.