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A True Near Death Experience

Dec 01, 2014 08:37PM ● By Frank Valentin

NDE is an acronym for Near Death Experience, referring to an out-of-body experience resulting from a sudden bodily injury or when the body gives out, such as heart or brain failure, to give some examples. I have heard other terms such as DE (Death Experience) and more, nevertheless the fact remains the same: An out of body experience takes place.

I can talk about NDE because I’ve lived it; I experienced and know what the other side is. Surprisingly enough, I was able to bring it to memory and thus, explain it with irrefutable certainty and accuracy.
    I experienced NDE for the first time in 1979 at the young age of 17, when I was involved in a horrendous car accident. No one knew how I survived the accident. I was in ICU battling between life and death for three days after surgery and one full month in the hospital before I was released with a lengthy medical record, including a fractured pelvis, lung puncture, exploratory surgery, splenectomy, pneumonia, and God knows what else I don’t remember. What you won’t find in my medical chart is my NDE. It was merely considered a neurological hallucination due to the abrupt impact to the brain. I wanted to explain to everyone, but all I heard was “non-sense” and more to that effect.

The Explanation
Now that I’ve got your attention, let me explain how it is not neurological hallucination as science likes to call it, among other things. When the soul detaches from the physical body, like in my case, as the body dies, it finds itself without form and manifests in the etheric (spiritual) realm. As it returns, some people are able to bring the experience to memory and the brain, which is a biological memory bank among other things, translate it into images and then put the words in order to explain the experience. However the non-material experience was perceived, so goes the explanation that the subjective individual will give.
    During my first NDE my soul detached from my body and as a result found itself in the void. My soul acknowledged peace as I was surrounded by other souls. Time and space did not exist. I questioned and recognized my individuality. Then my soul reattached to the body and I returned to a conscious state.
    Now allow me to rephrase using common verbiage to explain my experience more in attunement with how people understand things and how it could have been perceived. During my NDE I found myself floating in a dark room. I knew I was not alone, but couldn’t see anyone. I felt the presence of angels around me. I felt loved and was not afraid of the dark. I asked God three questions but no answers were given. Suddenly, I was sent back to my body and felt the most excruciating pain as I re-entered. When I opened my eyes I realized someone was pulling me out of my car.
    As you can see, if you were to judge my testimony: Which scenario would be easier to understand? Believe me, either way it was hard to explain. One reader could claim that under my first statement I was not making sense while another would say that in my second statement I was hallucinating.
    Conversely, those who have detached from their bodies (let’s say while under surgery) and have seen themselves hovering above are those whose souls detached with just enough room to keep consciousness, thus experiencing its surroundings. That’s the reason why they not only can recall but also can describe incidents to the last detail.
    Only one question remains: How can one see if the soul has no physical eyes? The answer is simple: Through perception and interpretation. As the eye perceives, so does the soul.

Before we can make sense of all this, we must first understand that our true nature is not physical but spiritual. The physical decays but the spiritual, which belongs to the non-physical (spiritual) plane, remains active experiencing what we call “life”.
    If science acknowledged this irrefutable truth, humanity would have advanced long ago.
    In order to claim having an NDE, the experience must first be brought into memory and then be recalled by the brain before it can be put into words. So, yes indeed, the brain, through the neurological system, is this highly efficient receptor that, by the unseen forces that bind us all, recalls the events, but not from hallucinations or neurological misfiring as science purports, but rather from the soul returning from the spiritual/non-physical world with a story of magnificent proportions, eager to tell. It is through the reasoning that the experience is felt, lived and expressed, and as such it is told in so many ways—from hovering above  to seeing the heavens, loved ones and so much more.

Frank Valentin is a respected author and lecturer. From his first NDE in 1979 to his most recent spiritual manifest, he has evolved for over 35 years making this autodidact an authority on the mystery of NDE and life after death. Attend one of his lectures near you by calling 813-440-1299.
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