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Suffering from Hair Loss and Baldness?

Oct 30, 2014 12:18PM ● By Daniela Mains

Many people are suffering from some type of hair loss, which can be very frustrating and devastating, for some even embarrassing. Many who suffer from some degree of hair loss have resorted to hiding their condition by the use of hats, wigs or toupees. Alternatively, expensive medical procedures are either cost prohibitive or the expectation of pain keeps sufferers from seeking professional treatment. However, new technologies could be the answer to their plight.
    Alopecia is the medical term for hair loss, and can come in different forms and patterns. Alopecia can vary from patchy hair loss to thinning hair, all the way to baldness. The most common type of hair loss is baldness in males, and severe thinning, mostly starting in the crown area, in females. Alopecia can run in the family, occurs due to disease, or after chemotherapy. Sometimes, it is the result of medications.

Treatment for Alopecia
There is no therapeutic treatment or cure for male baldness or hair loss. Female alopecia may be treated by certain drugs, but the outcome varies as in most cases it may be due to hormone dysfunction. In general, traditional options usually include some form of invasive medical procedure which is not only painful but also very expensive, e.g. implanting artificial or natural hair follicles while under anesthesia. However, there are other less invasive consequently far less painful treatment options available today, which are also much easier on your wallet.
    Medical Scalp Micro Pigmentation simulates hair follicles on the skin by placing small pigment marks under the skin, essentially a form of tattooing. At Permanent Makeup by Daniela, I offer medical Scalp Micro Pigmentation as one of my services. I am fully licensed and trained to perform this procedure. Due to increasing awareness of this new treatment option, I have a steady increase of clients with varying degrees of hair loss asking for my professional assistance.

What is Scalp Pigmentation?
Medical Scalp Micro Pigmentation is essentially a medical hairline tattoo which serves to correct thinning hair in men and women. Most often performed on men, this procedure will give the look of a full, youthful head of shortly-trimmed hair. The benefits of scalp pigmentation procedures are: hairlines on partly bald or fully bald heads; camouflaging the symptoms of all levels of alopecia; hiding scars, burns, birthmarks; rejuvenating the look of the crown; creating a completely realistic hairline; it is ideal for slowly developing crown-thinning and balding process.

The Procedure
I adhere strictly to standard Universal Precautions for infection control practices, common in the medical and semi-medical professions. Sterile medical gloves and disposable single use needles are my regulations.
    At the first appointment, I will carefully pick the right pigment for your scalp to assure the right fit. Secondly, I make sure (if needed) to carefully design a hairline with accurate measurements for a defined structure or perhaps more natural look, depending on you.
    Before the procedure, I will numb you up with a local anesthetic to assure comfort and a nearly pain-free treatment. You may experience some discomfort once in a while, however, I keep applying numbing solution for continued comfort.
    The initial treatment duration varies in time and depends on areas to be covered, usually between 3-5 hours, depending on your hair density and level of hair loss. To determine the length and cost of treatment in your case, I apply the Hamilton-Norwood Scale, the generally accepted measure of hair loss level. Second appointment will take place about 1-2 weeks later. This appointment takes about 2-4 hours to perfect density, shade and color.
        Diffused hair loss can affect men and women at any age. It can be devastating and life-changing. Micro-pigmentation is an incredibly effective solution to restore confidence and looks. It is suited for all skin types and colors. Pigments can be matched with any existing hair.
    The procedure normally takes place over 3 sessions, each taking approximately 3-4 hours, with at least one week between sessions. The process allows for a very gradual and subtle rejuvenation/infill of the hairline, rarely identified even by close friends and family.

After the Procedure, Aftercare
After the treatment, you may experience light redness, a little bit of scabbing in areas of pigmentation, and perhaps some exfoliation. This process may take about 7 days. Key is to keep the scalp lubricated. At appointment time, you will receive aftercare products to keep areas moist.
    After the treatment, you must avoid any activities which cause a lot of sweating and avoid washing the scalp for three days. For the next two weeks, avoid sun exposure, salt water and pool water. Even after the treatment you must be careful with your scalp pigmentation and take care of it at all times. Sun exposure, salt water and pool water will eventually fade the pigments. I strongly recommend wearing a hat if your head is exposed to sunlight for longer than 20 minutes. Also, avoid suntan lotion unless it contains only natural ingredients or is specifically formulated for tattoos. Touch-ups are usually after about 2-3 years. However, living in Florida with lots of sun exposure, ocean, pool, etc., touch-ups are more likely necessary after 1-1.5 years.
    If you or anyone you know suffers from varying degrees of hair loss, and want to do something about it, call me for a comprehensive consultation and to discuss appropriate treatment options, 727-272-2575. Mention this article for 50% off consultation fee (reg. $50). (Not everyone is suited for scalp pigmentation.)

For more detailed information and to view pictures and video from an actual procedure, visit See ad page 35.