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New Kid On The Block For Golf Improvement

Jun 02, 2014 09:51AM ● By Bruz Fellenz

There’s a new kid on the block creating quite a stir on golf courses throughout Tampa Bay: Advantage Performance Therapy is the missing link to excellent, consistent golf.
    As publisher of Golf Coast Magazine, I decided to look into a new approach to improving a golfer’s abilities and potential. Prior to receiving Advantage Performance Therapy, I was in the doldrums with my game and not looking forward to playing. After session one, I couldn’t wait to get back out on the course and experience my new inner game of golf with enjoyment. After about five sessions, I began to see myself making some amazing shots, and I even had seven pars in a row which I hadn’t seen happen in over six months.
    My Golf Therapist was able to remove the static that blocked me, and I am now experiencing more enjoyable and better golf. I told him I got dizzy and nauseous whenever I looked up, and he was able to eliminate that problem in only five minutes. I had suffered with that issue for several years; it affected my golf game to the positive when he ended that problem. Now, I feel more relaxed and less constricted in my swing and more confident in general whether on the course or anywhere else. I also had a tendency to let my mind wander while on the course, and he gave me a tool which keeps me present and consistently effective with my focus and concentration. Another issue hurting my game was that I always had a nagging backache; he repaired that in one session and I am wonderfully better. My scores have improved along with a much more positive attitude both on and off the course. I am more optimistic about golf and life! Since experiencing Advantage Performance Therapy, golf is as relaxing as taking a walk in a beautiful park filled with water, trees, birds and fresh air.
    This golf improvement pioneer’s name is Harvey Pearlman. His approach to golf is the same as his approach to life…”Breathe deep, stay present, focus, loosen your mind and come to your senses, feel and enjoy your swing, and don’t get overly excited when you have low or high success, just keep swinging!” Pearlman doesn’t teach technique or golf strategies. He encouraged and supported me to seek professional golf instruction to brush up on a few key areas of my game.
    Pearlman empowers the student to more efficiently absorb and express what their golf coach has instructed them to do. He clears your priority, mental and physical pathways and helps you to connect to a deeper inner focus with expanded physical capacity for maximum success on and off the course. He locates the faulty golf circuits and energizes them so that they work to balance each aspect of your game. He is able to help golfers stay in a more positive frame of mind even when shots fail to land where they were intended. He empowers the golfer to have super confidence in their game and swing. This method of sports improvement uses no needles, no hypnosis, no positive thinking, and accomplishes these enhancements to performance with nothing new to learn or practice, and is as relaxing as it is effective.
    Advantage Performance Therapy is for serious, committed golfers as well as weekend golfers who want to have every advantage to consistently win while also enjoying the game! Try this new approach as I am sure you will be happy you did.

For more information, contact Harvey Pearlman at 727-259-8232. See ad page 48.