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Igniting Your Inner Flame

Sep 30, 2013 10:48PM ● By Reverend Jason Borton

Are you finding that your days have lost their brilliance? Have you ever wondered if there should be more passion in your life? Are you missing that inner joy to leap out of bed every morning and begin your day? The good news is that we all have an inner spark that can give us a dream life— we just simply need to nurture it.

The goal of living is to allow our Spirit, our inner flame, to burn brightly. This makes us magnetic to the great people and situations that make our lives extraordinary. Each one of us can live a life of brilliance. In fact, it is our only true birthright. Just like igniting a flame in the physical world, our life needs a few key elements to allow it to burn brightly in love and joy.

A physical fire needs three things to burn: fuel, oxygen, and a heat source. Our spiritual fire requires the same elements: productive habits, space and inspiration. Our spiritual flames are already burning, so igniting your inner flame is a lot easier than rubbing two sticks together and hoping for the best!

The first element we need is fuel. In our life, our fuel is our actions, which are dictated by our habits. Some habits are very easy; they are like branches that we pick up haphazardly on the ground. Sure, they are trouble-free to find, but often produce little benefit to our fire. Solid habits are like solid wood. They are harder to find and heavier to carry but will sustain our fire longer and allow it to burn brighter.

Every day, we can choose to do what is easy or what is right and will move us to our dreams. Every action in our life is either increasing or decreasing our overall energy. We simply need to take a moment and become aware of the effects of each of our actions. We then begin the process of powerfully molding our productive habits, i.e. choosing our life.

The second element is oxygen. When creating a fire, this is taking the wood and arranging it so that the fire gets the airflow it needs to burn strongly. In our life, it is making sure that we have the space to grow in the areas that excite us. Personal boundaries are the most important factor in creating the space for our passions.

A good idea is to look over every obligation in your life and decide if it is furthering your life or simply someone else instilling their agenda upon you. Every decision you make is always saying "yes" to something or someone. Sometimes the most powerful thing we can do is say "no" in the moment to say "yes" to our higher good.

The final element we need is a heat source. Be reassured that your inner flame is always burning. Even in our darkest hours, it is still there. We just need to make it brighter. There are many ways to do this. Meditation and prayer are powerful sources of divine energy.

Another great energy source is gratitude. Here is a simple way to increase your inspiration. For the next week, before you go to bed, simply list out 25 things you are grateful for. They could be from the present day or the past. They can be from any area of your life. It is more powerful if you write them down. Watch how your energy level and inspiration levels increase as you fill your life with more gratitude.

In starting a fire, the first thing you need is tinder—small, dry pieces of material that will catch fire quickly, and then are used to burn successively bigger pieces of fuel. The same method should be used in manifesting your more passionate life. Begin with small changes and simple successes. Then use them to give you the personal space and confidence to take on even bigger challenges. Even the biggest inspiration will fizzle if it does not have the elements in your life to sustain it.

The key to a truly successful life is to build up your inspiration and confidence step by step by consciously choosing your actions to allow more of what you want. Just like a campfire on a cold night, you will soon be living a bright life that will illuminate and empower everyone around you.


As an Eagle Scout, Reverend Jason Borton had many chances to build fires firsthand. Today, as an Interfaith Minister, life coach and speaker, he helps others ignite their inner fires and love their lives. Find out more about Reverend Jason and his program Igniting Your Inner Flame at See ad page 41.