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Up Close and Personal Interview: With Jeff Primack, Founder and Visionary of Supreme Science Qigong Part 2 of 2

Deanna Cook: In the first interview last month, we talked about what Qigong was and how to add this practice into our daily life for optimal wellness. We also discussed food chemistry and your book, Conquering Any Disease. Many of the disease-reversing testimonies I read were groundbreaking. After reading these miraculous stories I decided to try the high-phytochemical smoothies in your book. Almost immediately, I noticed my energy increased and I am sleeping much better. Time and a full schedule are often a challenge, making it hard to eat perfectly or practice as much as I would like. What are the most important Qigong and dietary components for people with extra busy lives?

Jeff Primack: Ah, yet another request for the 10 minute Qigong workout! When time is short I recommend cleansing your body with oxygen and energy first thing in the morning. I will share with you my daily practice. I wake up, brush my teeth and hair, drink some hot tea outside, and do the 9-Breath Method five times. This method absorbs/retains large amounts of oxygen in the bloodstream. Gentle power breathing awakens the cellular vibration and stimulates metabolism. As I wake up slowly for 10 minutes each morning, my senses become heightened and I watch the birds in my garden. This is a quick and powerful method we spend hours thoroughly teaching at the Qi Activation conference.
As far as food goes, look beyond fat, protein, carb, mineral, vitamin, enzyme, and follow God’s trail of white crystals into the apple core. The infamous fruit that started it all! Someone said an "apple a day keeps the doctor away." Yeah, I say, but only if you eat the crystallized core of phytochemicals which activates bone marrow‘s production of cytokines for immunity. Regardless of how busy your life is, I recommend:

1) Give Up All Dairy Products – Replace with delicious healing ice cream, raw key lime pie, etc.

2) Smoothie Every Morning – With avocado and its big seed, apple with core, organic strawberries, etc.

3) Have Big Bowel Movements – Eat squash, sweet potato and one "Good Belly" probiotic drink every day.

4) Watermelon Fast Once a Month – Only watermelon all day to cleanse kidneys and urinary channels. Include eating/blending the white section, which contains L-citrulline, a precursor to nitric oxide, the body’s primary vasodilator. Fasting on watermelon has helped dissolve kidney stones for many people. Watermelon is not recommended for diabetics, cancer patients or people with sugar sensitive diseases.


DC: In my 30 years being on an enlightened path, attending many retreats and seminars, I never saw a group of people as open, vulnerable and empowered like I did at the Qi Activation Conference. What really resonated with me was that it was both experiential (hands on) and educational. You seem very at ease with speaking in front of so many. Was public speaking something that came natural for you?

JP: The highest teachers of Qigong speak in shorter bursts of information. They are natural summarizers of complex teachings. Speech spoken at the core essence level can powerfully hold audience attention because it’s free of fluff. Talking about a pharmacy inside your own brain and activating latent healing abilities happen to be very interesting. Every year I speak to thousands of people, so I get lots of practice and learn new ways to refine the way I deliver the information.
Humor also plays a role in how I teach at these big events. In high school I was a class clown and studied ways to make people laugh. At every seminar participants tell me I remind them of Adam Sandler, but I can’t see it. "Qigong Humor" is funny because we’re all so holistic and mental about the same issues, and sometimes we feel alone. Humor unifies people and that helps raise the energy.


DC: I’ve been doing your "Qigong Strength Training" every other day like you suggested and my belly is getting some definition, but the best part is that I feel so peaceful at the end. How do you explain to people what is special about Qigong methods of fitness and muscular conditioning?


JP: Qigong strength training is 100 percent nurturing to Qi, instead of taxing like some traditional exercises. If you have old injuries, you can practice Qigong without any side effects. We use "Holding Qi" postures like Horse Stance to build the root chakra and leg strength of the body. When doing HyperThrows, we use extreme fast followed by slow "Pressing on Qi" movements which work wonders for circulatory issues and building muscle. These Yin and Yang alternating movements open arteries to expand blood flow beyond what traditional exercise is capable of. Qigong breathing and movements are merged into a mildly challenging fitness routine, and this Qi integration helps you to recover faster and go deeper than normal.


DC: People say Orlando is your most powerful gathering because it draws thousands of aligned people for focused healing practice into one beautiful ballroom. Jeff, how can you afford to produce all the high production elements and sell tickets to a 4-day conference like this for only $129? And how does the group energy effect of so many people’s energy in the same room make a difference?

JP: A master known as Dr. Yan Xin was perhaps the most influential Qigong figure of all time. He facilitated 30,000-person Qi-lectures inside stadiums. Due to the huge collective energy at these stadium events, many experienced the deepest levels of Qigong within hours and many miraculous healings were reported. Historically speaking, Qigong went from being practiced by almost no Chinese people in the 1970s to a mind blowing 200 million by the mid 1980s! This came to a screeching halt in 1999 when the Chinese government, for fear of an uprising, outlawed large Qigong events. I believe Qigong is God-connecting, humbling, healing to the spirit, and unifies people, which is something the Chinese government is not supporting now. America is different, and I am proud to live where my President supports Qigong and the right to gather in freedom!

Why only $129 for 4-days Qigong? Because we want the secret of Qigong Healing to get out! Thousands moving and breathing in sync is truly vivid and allows you to experience energy beyond what you could by yourself. Where two or more are gathered, seeds of love are scattered.

DC: I see Reverend Michael Bernard Beckwith is your guest of honor this year. Can you tell me more about him?


JP: Most know Michael from his leading role in the hit movie, The Secret, however, the United Nations is one of his speaking platforms, and he’s been on the Oprah show. Beckwith is a compelling figure, and says he practices Qigong every morning. He’s leading a Qi Activation during the Orlando conference that he says will "blow the roof off the building."

Also joining the gathering is Dr. Roger Jahnke, OMD, a longtime expert of Qigong, who’s written numerous books and has extensive knowledge on Medical Qigong.

I know everybody is busy and life is always pulling us to do our own thing, but you can decide to create time for yourself. Sometimes life only gives you so many chances like this. All Is One.


DC: In closing, I would like to thank you, your team and the students who allowed me to sit in on your instructor classes. The Qi Activation program was the single most enlightening educational wellness program I have yet to see. Thank you, Jeff, for this opportunity. See ad page 5.


"Qi Activation" comes to Orlando Convention Center with Special Guest Rev. Michael Beckwith.

May 25–28 Jeff Primack and 200 Qigong teachers will teach 4-days of Qigong for only $129!

To reserve tickets & for more info, Call 800-298-8970 or visit

Interviewer Deanna Cook has owned several organic restaurants, is a holistic celebrity chef, and has appeared on the Food Network. Jeff Primack is a Qigong teacher that has studied with many Qigong masters from all over the world and has taught over 40,000 people in live seminars.