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Why Am I Still Sick?

Nov 02, 2012 11:08AM ● By Mark Hall

What do hospital infections, sinusitis, periodontal disease (bad breath, gum disease, etc.), middle ear infections, tonsillitis, COPD, Lyme Disease, infectious kidney stones, bacterial endocarditis, diabetic foot wounds, osteomyelitis and cystic fibrosis have in common? The answer is deceptively simple: the persistence of these chronic conditions originates from slimy bacterial biofilms that encase bacteria of all types, protect them from the immune system and resist antibiotic treatments.

While the existence of bacterial biofilm was first documented in 1683 and rediscovered in the late 1970s, molecular diagnostics have demonstrated the omnipresence of biofilms in medical conditions affecting more than 17 million people annually. The documentary, Why Am I Still Sick?, identifies the multifaceted roles of biofilms in causing persistent disease and offers startling revelations through interviews with medical experts and patients.


What will you learn from this film?

How bacterial biofilms form sequestered communities within all parts of the human body

The way in which biofilms help microbes "talk" among themselves, with other species, and exchange genetic programs specific to antibiotic resistance

The startling numbers of patients ping-ponged within a medical system of outdated diagnostics

Critical linkages between oral hygiene and systemic health


Do you have tooth decay and gum disease even though you floss and brush your teeth daily?

Do you feel constipated, have (IBS) irritable bowel syndrome or constantly have digestive issues?

Do you have a chronic cough, sinus problems, strep throat, or ear infections?

Do you have fungal infections like athlete’s foot, candida, psoriasis, or rosacea?

Have you tried different creams, antibiotics, detox programs, diets, and visited multiple specialists and still cannot get results?


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