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Cupping Therapy

Cupping Therapy is an ancient treatment using cups made of glass, plastic, wood, bone, and other materials to apply negative pressure (suction) to areas of the body. The ensuing action releases toxins via lymphatic drainage; opens up and releases joints, connective tissue and muscles; and stimulates circulation. It is also a highly effective treatment for many people in softening areas that have been stubborn and/or chronic, without the discomfort that many compression techniques can cause.

There are various applications of Cupping Therapy, including:

Massage Therapy: Cupping is a great addendum to whichever current modality of massage is being performed, such as Myofascial Release. Adhesions get loosened, circulation increases, connective tissue opens up and begins to move again, and there is also the benefit of Lymphatic Drainage which clears toxins.

Cellulite Treatments: Cupping is great for those who want to tone and tighten unsightly "ridges and bumps." It is very popular among the ladies since cellulite is an area of constant concern. It is a great application for loosening connective tissue which lessens the "orange peel" appearance.

Facial Cupping: This is not only popular among women, but also men who are looking to maintain a younger appearance. Not only does this method release expression lines, reduce puffiness, and relax tight facial muscles, it is also powerful for draining sinuses, and aids in loosening rigid muscles associated with TMJ. This is another fabulous method in employing Lymphatic Drainage to the face, neck and head.

Tara Hills, LMT, at Jade Tree Wellness Center, is now offering Cupping Therapy along with her other treatment modalities. Clients will find it not only relaxing, but also a powerful tool in maintaining health, wellness and balance in a most natural and positive way. Cupping Therapy can be performed in conjunction with a massage treatment or by itself.

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Jade Tree Wellness Center is located at 6701 – 38th Avenue North, #3, St. Petersburg, 727-344-8690, See ad page 16.