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EMEI QIGONG : Fits the Busy Lifestyle with Vitality, Lineage, Techniques and Compassion

Sep 04, 2012 07:08PM ● By Robbie Miles

Vitality: Imagine if you could learn an easy exercise routine that required no workout equipment and could be performed indoors or outdoors, even in a small space! Qigong is that, and more. Qigong is a lifetime skill and, once learned, can be used morning, daytime, evening, as your busy schedule allows. It can be done in an office, hotel room, bedroom, at the beach, gym or on a hiking trail. The stretching, breathing and visualizations of Qigong combined with range of motion movements stabilize the core, improve lung function, increase flexibility and improve many basic functions like blood pressure, cholesterol levels, and relaxation response (RR). It’s easy to see why Qigong is all over the news, from Dr. Oz to fitness trainers to national and university centers for integrative medicine.

Emei Qigong is more than just a moving form of exercise. It helps calm the emotions and the mind thereby reversing the biological effects of the fight or flight (FF) stressors in the body. Studies have shown that cortisol released from stress can stay in the body up to 30 days allowing its damage to spread. Qigong studies have shown the ability to lower cortisol, reducing damage and restoring normal function. The decoding of the human genome allows us to see that negative thoughts and stress hormones actually influence the activation/deactivation of genes. Qigong has been shown to have a positive effect in reducing inflammation, an indicator for many modern disease processes.


Lineage: Emei Qigong is a comprehensive system of philosophies and techniques for health compiled by the monk Bai Yun (White Cloud) in 1223 AD. This system is devoted to maintaining excellent health while attaining higher levels of awareness. Until the 20th century, it was only taught and used within the monastery on Mt. Emei near Chengdu China. Since 1985, Grand Master Fu Wei Zhong has been working tirelessly to train students and teachers around the world. Robbie Miles, Certified Emei Qigong Teacher, has been trained by Grand Master Fu and continues to study with him on a regular basis. For those participants who feel the Healing Arts methods have benefited them, there is a path of study with Emei Qigong through a second seminar called Changing the Moving Program of Life which will be offered in Tampa from November 10 to 15, and a third training seminar called Yi-Jing and Heart Energy Distinctive Healing Methods which will be offered in Tampa in 2013. These seminars also teach more methods for self-care, caring for others, understanding energy and gaining awareness.


Techniques: Emei Qigong has a variety of techniques aimed at maintaining health and improving health and wellbeing. In the Healing Arts of Emei Qigong seminar, you will learn methods to improve your physical health, emotional wellbeing and psychological outlook. The techniques can be used in a few spare minutes to fit a busy schedule or less than an hour when time allows. Some can be done at home, others in the car, some even when recovering from illness or injury. Attending the Healing Arts of Emei Qigong Seminar is an inexpensive yet very worthwhile investment in your health and personal outlook. Not only do you gain physical energy, but that energy flows into your work, your home life — all facets of your life can benefit from the methods presented in Emei Qigong.


Compassion: One of the core tenets in Emei Qigong is compassion, living with a kind heart. Possessing feelings of gratitude and peace is one of many ways to cultivate feelings of compassion for yourself and others. Our country has so much, yet we are beset with a populace that self-medicates with food, alcohol, gambling and other addictions to escape the destructive emotions that are felt inside. Incorporating compassion into our relationships with ourselves and those around us is a healing salve for moments of stress. If we come from a foundation of kindness, our words will be kinder and so will our actions.

The Healing Arts of Emei Qigong seminar provides many participants the impetus to make positive changes in their lives because they feel the change in their energy over the course of the seminar. Some participants begin to feel physical changes in the first few hours of the seminar. Others feel a steady growth of energy and positive thoughts that have them absolutely glowing by the end of the seminar. Many participants tell how their health has changed, how their emotions have changed, they feel charged up, renewed, revitalized. Most feel calm, steady, centered. Some participants attend the seminar a second time because there is so much to learn and put into practice. Some participants in the health care field find the methods valuable for self-care and caring for others. One person told me it was the most beautiful energy she had ever felt. I agree!

Emei Qigong recognizes that the only person you can change is yourself. You must begin with yourself. Change can only happen today. Sure, you can make a date to change tomorrow, but in reality the only day we can change is today and the only person we can truly change is our self. If you are ready for a change in your life, the Healing Arts of Emei Qigong may be the ticket to a wonderful new you.

Seminar cost is $60 for two weekends: September 15-16 and September 29-30, at the Staybridge Suites Tampa Sabal Park, 3624 Falkenburg Road, Tampa (near I-4 and I-75 off MLK Boulevard). Group Healing is Sunday, September 22, 4-5pm, open to the public, walk-ins welcome, $30 per person (not included in seminar fee). CEs for FL LMTs additional $30 administrative fee. 

For more information or to register, contact Robbie Miles, 813-442-9734, [email protected] or register online with Paypal at See ad page 17.


Robbie Miles is a Certified Emei Qigong Teacher and has been practicing since 2007. Miles was teaching art classes when she began her Qigong studies. From week to week, her students told her of the changes they noticed in her face and energy levels. Miles began to feel better physically, with an improved attitude, more patience and less stress. "I had an idea of some of the changes I wanted in my life when I began studying Qigong. I didn’t foresee where it would take me, but it’s been a marvelous journey that has made my life richer and more fulfille

Elements of Emei Qigong

Methods that balance physiological functions and transform unhealthy physical patterns


Approaches to care for and maintain the health of the body, balance the emotions and expand the mind and our view of self and reality


Practices that redirect negative thinking so that positive thinking can naturally arise


Concepts that help cultivate greater compassion, peace, comfort, and capacity to adapt to changing external conditions

Benefits of Emei Qigong

Increased lung capacity and decreased stress levels

Stress manifests in our bodies in the form of high blood pressure, headaches, or muscle tension. Learning proper breathing can help restore healthy levels.


Improved posture

Injured or under stress, our bodies develop compensatory patterns which may over time manifest as disease. Qigong practice aligns the body, reinforcing natural wellness.


Emotional and physical balance

Good physical balance and leg strength prevent falls, increasingly important as we age. Emotional balance can help strengthen our response to modern day stressors. Qigong strengthens both physical and emotional wellbeing.


Vital physical conditions positively influenced

Qigong’s specific movements and visualizations can positively influence vital physical conditions such as blood pressure, blood sugar, headache, insomnia, arthritis, and longevity.