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A Hidden Hazard

Jun 05, 2012 01:43PM ● By Dr. Paul Rodeghero

Open wide and take a look. Do you see any mercury silver fillings in there? More than likely, if you are over 40 and have fillings or crowns in your mouth, then they were made with the mercury amalgam which had been the material of choice since 1850. These mercury silver fillings are generally expected to last 5-20 years in a tooth. Why would mercury fillings be an issue of concern?

Silver mercury amalgam fillings leak and corrode in the same way that freezing water expands and breaks rocks. Once a silver filling begins to leak, decay sets up under the restoration and the patient is often unaware of the change until they have a toothache or the tooth cracks.

In addition to the fact that silver mercury fillings are so unstable, mercury is the most toxic, non-radioactive metal in the environment. It has been clinically proven with the use of an atomic absorption spectrometer that dental amalgams release mercury vapor into the mouth when the surfaces of the filling are stimulated. Chewing or drinking hot beverages or acidic drinks can cause the release of additional mercury vapor from silver amalgam fillings. The amount of mercury released is dependent upon the number of amalgam fillings as well as the size of the restorations. Research done has shown as few as three silver fillings release more mercury vapor than the U.S. EPA sets for unacceptable occupational health risk.

Dr. Paul Rodeghero at Clearwater Family Dental is one of only 800 dentists nationwide that follows the protocol for safe mercury amalgam removal as outlined by the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology. Rodeghero employs the use of a specialized mercury filtration device that sucks the toxic aerosol from the room as the old mercury fillings are being removed. Intra-oral devices are used to keep the mercury from entering the patient’s body through the oral tissues. The patient is made to rinse their mouth before and after the procedure with Oral Detox Pro, a mix that binds with any residual mercury in the mouth. Additionally, supplements advised by the patient’s medical doctor can assist in detoxing the body of any mercury toxins.

After carefully removing the old silver mercury amalgam fillings, Rodeghero will replace them with white resin composites. Besides being safer, the tooth colored fillings bond to the tooth structure and are more natural looking than those big silver fillings you may have now.


Call Clearwater Family Dental; they will be happy to answer any questions and give you a more natural set of "pearly whites". Clearwater Family Dental is located at 706 S Fort Harrison Ave., Clearwater,, 727-442-3363.