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Conquering ANY Disease & Losing Weight: An Interview with Qigong Practitioner Jeff Primack (Part 2 of 2)

Apr 01, 2012 06:03PM ● By Diana E. Vargas M.D.

Dr. Vargas: Medical weight loss with HCG was very popular in 2011. People lose weight, but many contest it is a starvation diet. What are your feelings?


Primack: HCG is a homeopathic formula for suppressing the appetite. I have seen dozens of my students lose very hard-to-burn fat with HCG when high-phytochemical smoothies are the main part of the diet, but I disagree with the diet most people are using along with the HCG. Most people are advised to eat zero fat, meat and vegetables for 30 days! This will make anyone lose weight, however this creates a very acidic condition for the body. My weight loss protocol can be combined with HCG, however drinking high-phytochemical smoothies automatically suppresses the appetite because the body is getting the nutrients it needs. High-phytochemical smoothies and a combination of thermogenic fat burning foods work better for weight loss than a crash diet.


Dr. Vargas: Why is it common for people eating healthy to have difficulty getting enough phytochemicals?


Primack: Most phytochemicals (active plant medicine) hide in the cellulose fibers of seeds, stems, skins and rinds of common foods. Many people eat the right foods, but throw away the parts with all the medicine! Smoothies from a 3-horsepower blender have helped many people to reverse cancer. We need to cleave out or "micronize" phytochemicals from the seeds, stems, skins and rinds. Juicing fruits and vegetables is a waste of time. It throws fiber away that God intended us to eat and is where phytochemicals dwell! Most people simply don’t know where the phytochemicals are.


Dr. Vargas: It amazes me more Doctors are not educated about Food-Healing. Especially considering America has seen a 500% increase in Diabetes in 10 years. Jeff, how can people naturally balance their blood sugar?


Primack: People often balance blood sugar after a few weeks on a high-phytochemical diet. It is very inexpensive and does not require much of anything outside of the produce department. Certain foods like the bitter melon contain an "insulin-like substance" that, when eaten, naturally lowers blood sugar. Bitter melon helps the body naturally balance its sugar. Many with diabetes have missing information and eat foods they think are healthy, but in reality are not. To begin with, nobody has told the diabetes community that the disease is completely reversible. Monitoring blood sugar proves food works. The first step is to increase the amount of phytochemicals eaten and the second is removing certain problem foods. Oddly enough, the foods I recommend avoiding are many of the same ones the diabetic community thinks are good to eat.


Dr. Vargas: Let’s talk about Asthma and its connection to Vitamin C deficiency. You have hundreds of Asthma reversal testimonials and I specifically want to hear how food and Qigong play a role.


Primack: I became Asthma-free 15 years ago using a Qigong breathing technique called "Breath Empowerment". We teach it on Day 1 of our Qi Revolution seminar along with food-based healing. People's wheezing and Asthma symptoms often vanish in as little as a few days using breathing techniques and, of course, eating specific foods. I've recommended Kiwi for years because of its superior bioavailable Vitamin C content. The white center of kiwi holds a treasure trove of phytochemicals and is particularly effective in helping to reverse symptoms of asthma! Asthma is often caused by a deficiency of Vitamin C, however tablets of Vitamin C will not reverse someone’s asthma; only food-based Vitamin C does this. There are many foods that when eaten help to keep asthmatics out of the emergency room.


Dr. Vargas: The unique aspect of your program is that you BLEND parts of fruits and vegetables that most throw