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Have an Organic Love Affair: with Your Face at Hair Du Soleil Skin Care Boutique

Mar 02, 2012 06:44AM ● By Jeannine Dowdell

In a magical room within the enchanted Hair Du Soleil Salon & Skin Care Boutique, tucked in the trees in Clearwater, one can find Lori A. Watkins, LE, also known as the Face Wizardess. Using her charms, talents and professional grade organic ingredients, appearing as sorcery, she turns back the hands of time, enabling women to once again fall in love with their faces.

"It’s amazing what one hour with Lori can do to pore size, skin hydration, skin firmness and wrinkles. Hitting 60 this year and seeing the fine lines and wrinkles growing, and my mouth losing its shape and definition, I had lost all hope of ever looking younger. I heard that 60 is the new 40, and while I felt 40, my face did not reflect my spirit," says Ann Ranch.

Watkins’ magical room is lined at one end with the latest technology, machines and exquisite organic ingredients. She performs customized skin care, peels, micro-dermabrasion, natural non-surgical face and body sculpting, make-up, and LED. "I had no idea what all the latest equipment was for, or what the rows of interesting organic ingredients did, but after the first consultation and facial, I could see immediate results. Pores on my face that had gotten larger and larger over the years were clean and had shrunk to their youthful size. I was amazed. She recommended an easy skin care regime and the pores have stayed small and my complexion is looking healthier and younger," says Ranch. "The results from the first facial gave me hope for the first time in years that I could look younger, and I decided to do a series of non-surgical face sculpting. The first treatment erased some fine lines, lifted eyebrows and reversed some gravity. My husband said he saw a positive difference and that I looked great! I can’t wait for the next one."

Hair Du Soleil Salon & Skin Care Boutique was founded by Master Stylist Maria Brown in June 2000. Brown brought the best of New York to Clearwater, and provides purely organic hair care/color, facial products, body treatments, Brazilian keratin straightening and more, offering Eminence organic skin care products sans ammonia, parabens or plastics.


To turn back the hands of time and fall in love with your face once again, set an appointment to visit Face Wizardess Watkins in her magical room at Hair Du Soleil, 805 Turner St., downtown Clearwater, 727-441-8586. See ad page 41.